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Help! Problems with suprapubic

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    Help! Problems with suprapubic

    My son has had a suprapubic for the past three months with no problems. Last night his bed was soaked with urine. Also this a.m. urine came out of his penis while he was taking a bath. There doesn't seem to be any reduction in urine passing through his catheter. He mentioned that one day last week he experienced a sensation in his penis as though he was going to urinate, but nothing came of it. SCI nurse or anyone who has experienced this, pls respond as soon as possible. Thanks.

    If he's voiding out the penis or from the stoma site, it's almost definate that he needs bladder relaxing meds such as detrol or ditropan. The irritation from the tube and the small collapsed bladder both cause bladder contractions.

    Other things that can cause excessive contractions are infection, blockage, stones.



      It sounds as if the suprapubic catheter is intermittently blocking. This would explain the overnight incontinence that you described. Have you tried moving the catheter around a bit to make sure that the tip is not pressing up against the bladder wall? I am assuming that the catheter is not kinking or being compressed in any way.

      If you are sure that the catheter is not blocked or kinked, it still may be in a position where it is not draining the lower part of the bladder. If you are still having the problem, what I would probably do is to do sterile transurethral (through the penis) catheterization and see if there is any urine left in the bladder when the suprapubic catheter is not draining any urine.

      Bladder spasticity may increase urine pressure but a suprapubic catheter that is effectively draining the bladder should eliminate the volume and pressure. To me, this sounds like a catheter position or blocking problem.

      This is normally a problem that I would leave for the SCI-Nurses to answer because they have so much more experience than I do with this. However, I am answering because you need an answer quickly.



        ive had an SP for several years,,,most leakage is positional...use one of the catheter leg straps to keep the drainage hose from kinking,,,,also u may try different types of caths...and try to be sure the balloon blows up on all sides of the cath by filling it prior to insertion,,,if u r using 30 cc balloons fill them up to about 20 cc's....hope that helps...jeffh