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Does anyone have any experience with Barrier Free Ceiling Lifts?

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    Does anyone have any experience with Barrier Free Ceiling Lifts?

    I am considering getting a ceiling mounted lift to make transfers easier. We currently have a Trixie lift and it works OK, but is still hard for one person to transfer because you are transferred in a prone position. After my recent bone studies, I need something that will make easier to transfer into and out of standing frame, etc. I need to transfer to wheelchair, standing frame, bed, and hopefully an FES Bike one day. After looking around at several Web sites and different lifts, the " barrier free " ceiling mounted lift looks to be the simplest and most straightforward. Does anyone here have one of these lifts? What is the good, bad and ugly regarding the lift? And approximate cost?

    I got one

    Yeah I've had a Barrier Free lift for about 5 years an ya gotta love it! Depends on the amount of track you get and how many doorways you got thru as far as $ goes, mine was around $6500. It starts at my bedroom door, goes across the room over the bed and into the shower. It's easy to use, fast transfers from bed to chair, chair to bathroom, chair to bed in about 1 minute. need help getting the slings under my leg but it's a split leg any my wife has in mastered. need more info e-mail me @

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      What about SureHands? I don't know if it's good for me because I haven't tried it yet but I think it's worth a look.
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        I had narrowed down my selection of the ceiling lifts to the barrier free and Guldman systems. I saw both products in operation at a local abilities Expo. I then had both companies come out to my house and give me a quote. My overhead track is set up with two roughly equal length straight sections and one 90 degree turn in between. I have roughly 10 feet a straight track (the 90 degree turn is a large piece).
        Barrier free gave me a quote of $5800
        Guldman's quote was for $4300

        Any idea which one I purchased?

        I really think that the barrier free salesman was trying to get as much money out of me as possible, even though I told him he was quoting against another company.**this brings up a very good point, make sure you get quotes from two companies, and make sure they know it is well**

        No matter what one you get, I'm sure you will be happy with it.
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