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  • Time frame for bowel care

    How long is it supposed to take for a bowel program? I know everyone varies but is there a preferred amount of time? How long does it take you to do your bowel care?

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    depends,,on if you use meds or not,,i dont i go every other day..usually 30 mins


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      a little more info

      My husbands takes about 90 minutes every other day. I hear people saying it only takes them like 30 minutes. I wanted to find out what, if anything, we are doing wrong. It seems too long. Plus he gets bad butt pains from sitting on his chair that long. Any help would be appreciated. He takes 4 sennakot the evening before and gets up at 5am and uses 1/2 a magic bullet and dig stim. Seems like he gets all the stool out in about 1/2 hour but he seems to continuously get a jelly like substance out after that. We have noticed if we don't keep doing dig stim to get out the jelly, it comes out later that day. Sometimes it still comes out later that day even though he sat for 90 minutes. Is there something else we can try?


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        I go every other day and it takes about a half-hour.
        I've been told that you should eat and drink something (8 oz.) 1/2 hour before you begin the routine. I don't know if it would help you, but I take 2 sennakot and 1 dulcalax at least eight hours before.
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          My bowel program takes about 10 minutes every other day. I eat reguarlarly and use those mini enemas. It works fine for me. When I first got out of rehab I use to use rantitidine for stomach acid but it bound me up. I quit using it and im as good as new.


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            after 14 yrs, i average about 45 mins


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              I go Monday, Wednesday, Friday and it usually takes about 45 min. I eat, insert a dulcolax supp. then get on my commode and do a couple dig. stims. Drinking enough water is a must for me.
              I wonder though...often my supp. comes out barely melted after about 10 min.

              As for the jelly coming's probably mucus from too much supp. meds...
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                Record Time On Bed Pan

                After reading the earlier posts, I was nearly convinced not to relate my bowel program routine. My program is: once daily in the early morning. That is about five minutes after waking at 5:30 a.m. I raarely have time to transfer to a commode chair. The night before I take one Senacot. I hate to say, but in the morning my bowel program is 2 to 3 hours perched on the bed pan. No digital stim, however every mmorning I drink a glass of Metamucil. Before my motorcycle crash I was an every morning guy, with a glass of Metamucil, only. I am a prisoner of my bowel. Any help
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                  Routines differ with each level of injury

                  I generally use the digi-stim method which takes between half an hour and forty five minutes. I usually go every day but if I get a good movement I can skip a day. On occasion I will use half a magic bullet which requires an extra forty five minutes to allow time for that mucous you talk about about to stop. The mucous is from over-stimulation from the magic bullet.

                  All in all your bowel program depends on your eating habits (how many meals do you eat a day), what sort of stool softeners you use and how much, whether you use an oral or suppository stimulant, and your frequency. If you are getting 30 gm of fiber a day (from all sources) then a digi-stim program of forty-five minutes per day should work. Any more invites hemmorhoids, any less and you are not emptying your colon sufficiently (which invites accidents).

                  For more help on how to set up your bowel program go to


                  and download the document.

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