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    Yes Dr Young Titanium and i'm so discussed
    Do you think there would be a doctor in KS or Chicago ??
    or ?)*&^ the levels are L5 & S1 where the cages broke out to the left 8.5mm and at S1 4.5mm is this enough to do damage to the extent i've describe could there be damage at the sciatic i read about this and what i faxed you was a discription of myself the pain is bad when it is its not all the time but i can now kinda feel it when its gonna happen there is a weakened state in my pelvic lower back spin area it kinda feels like a crack but i've not been told of one but it just feels this [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img] but i've not been told much
    the popping noise it was a popping noise that i heard only and it hurt my ears and it came as the nurse drug me and it hurt like well bad and i've been through a lot and well it hurt through the morphine drip.I grabbed my ears from the busting noise .. I type faster than i spell

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    I know your new, but the main page of the forum isn't where you post your questions to Dr Young, or your email questions. Write him privately, ok?

    somebody get us out of these chairs!
    somebody get us out of these chairs!


      Debbi, thanks for contributing. Dr. Young doesn't mind answering questions posed to him on the forums, this is actually preferred over e-mail so that the entire community can benefit from his advice. But based on your other post I think he needed more information, some of which this post provided. In the future, try to post your responses in the same thread so that it's easier for everyone to follow, you can do this by clicking on the reply icon.



        C'mon Nancy

        It's legit question & this website is free for all...


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          I just want help

          Thanks Seneca [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]
          I'm good at lots of compute issues but Chat i'm not at
          I just want to get to a point to know what and why and how to fix it in my health that is [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]


            Debbi, I have little experience with titanium cages and what it sounds or feels like one breaks. I must say that what you describe is unusual and I have no good explanation for what happened. Your symptoms do suggest that you or the procedure have damaged some spinal roots. The solution is not clear. What probably needs to be done is to see if there is anything that can be done surgically or otherwise to reduce your symptoms, maximize recovery, and to ensure that your spinal column is stable.

            I assume that you have seen a number of doctors about this problem already and they have not provided the help that you need. There is a very good spine group in Chicago, headed by Dr. Fred Geisler



              Dr. Young to clarify some points

              Dr. Young,
              I'm not for sure if i talk to you here or where?? but here i go
              Yes i have seen a couple doctors but they are afraid of " their compromising positions among their peers " a little anger "
              but I thought maybe the thing to do is to find someone out of state and someone who is maybe more up to date or what ever it is ?)*&%$
              and i only know for a fact a couple things
              1- I was never a smoker or drank or anything ever in my life and i have worked every day of my life since i was 16 never had any illnesses
              2- I came out of surgery great and 3-4 hrs later leaving recovery and upon being transferred to a bed my feet dropped i was drug across the bed heard a busting noise that made me grab my ears on impulse and scream and with in seconds i could not feel my thighs knees ankles and toes and every 10 mins everybody was in and out of my room sticking me with pins with pins all night long and the doctor was not in until 9 am the next morning and he found out at this point I did ask the nurse did you hear that busting sound something busted in my back i heard it i felt it it was excruciating she told me I was going to hear and feel a lot of thins in the next couple days and pumped me more morphine and my husband heard me scream out side my room and tried to get in and the nurse at my feet slammed the gurney against the bed and knocked him out of the room literally he came to my room and raised the covers and said move your toes and i could not ever since
              3- there is 3 grafts or cages they have been described to me as BAK inter fusion and the one in the middle is where i guess cages go and the one above and below are out to the left of my vertebras 1 at L5 is 8.5mm off
              and the one at S1 or something is 4.5mm off and they are not suppose to be there and there is a nerve wrapped around a screw on the right side and the puzzling point of the whole ordeal to this point is why both legs if the cage has cut nerves on the right side why are both legs affected and much more the skin on my lower legs are extreme numb on the outer but inner above ankles i have some kind of a sensation i can feel being stuck with a needle but i could be stuck with a nail on the foot outer legs spotty on back of thighs and spotty up wards of my down but nothing of my thighs in front or my stomach area in front
              4-when they did a electric something where they stick me with needles and send electricity in they said my nerves were " FLATLINED " is the term they used I have had this 2xs
              1 doctor says the motor nerve is cut at L5 and there is a screw, screwed into the nerve on the right side of my body he give me a 50 % chance of help until he seen my calves and i took off my shoes and he touched them and my feet and he said "OH this is much worse than" and stopped and then he gave me a 1% change of maybe taking the pain i go through away

              1 doctor says no damage at L5 and when i asked him about the second broken cage he said "he withdraws from this case before he gets in to deep."
              I have been told nothing could be done and from two doctors that don't tell me the same answer of the problem and it scares me to have someone ever to cut on me again much less it the answers don't match with someone else and I'm real confused I never knew this being a possible reason of why i was like i was because the doctor for over a year told me it was from swelling and i trusted this i slept on ice for 9 months he told me this might help and I've taken so much anti swelling herbs and just crazy stuff until finally after much crazy things and life we went to Barnes and the doctor told me there what he thought and i went back to the surgeon and told him this other doctors thoughts and he said " yes this is from the fall in the hospital and agreed with the other doctor's assessment of what is
              wrong " but what if they are wrong and the other doctor is correct and there is nothing cut at L5 and its S?- and they do surgery and mess me up more and there isn't much more I'm scared and yes i pray but i have a little Thomas in me right now and perhaps crazy also
              [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]


                Speaking for others

                As the moderator, Seneca has a better handle on what should or should not be posted here. If someone has a question, many people may benefit from Dr. Young's answer. I think it's most appropriate to let Dr. Young speak for himself. Let's trust him to email Debbi privately if HE feels this is not the appropriate place to discuss this topic. Just my .02 worth...
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                  Dr. Geisler's a good guy. I saw him when he was in Maryland (he did my laminectomy and syrinx hunt in 1987, and also the epidural morphine test injection. Both were equally fruitless, but that's not his fault.)

                  Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


                    hey Alan

                    Hey Alan,
                    I'm afraid the good Doctor isn't in need of me as I am him
                    and even more, unfortunately when its a medicinal conglomerate that rear ends you its hard for any one to offer help like it is my fault in in any form or fashion at least if a person behind a wheel of a vehicle had done this i could get help i don't ask these doctors for any thing but help but because they see a big mistake by a big person and facility i get to stay this way
                    his first question to me was "Are you looking for legal help " I went off on this statement I asked which one of my words told you i was seaking legal counsel from you ? perhaps I should tell the doctors yeah I was rear ended after a surgery in a car accident. perhaps i could get help
                    "my hope is demising" I had a lot of hope in Dr Young .

                    i'll up date [img]/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif[/img]


                      Debbi, I think that Fred Geisler is a very honest good neurosurgeon. Your situation sounds very complicated. Wise.