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Fluids , Fluids, Eeekk the leaks!

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  • Fluids , Fluids, Eeekk the leaks!

    I am wondering how in the heck I am supposed to intake all these fluids for my bladder and my Colostomy ! If I drink the recommended fluids, I might as well just hang a cath out of my britches and keep a container handy. I have yet to figure out how to drink this much water and no have accidents all over. I start leaking after about 250cc builds up. I am on 4mg's of Detrol LA but seem top have accidents every night (several) and a few in the day. Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks Mike Bauer (Florida)
    Mike (Florida)

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    If you intermittent catheterize, you should see your urologist to adjust your medications. 250 CC is a bit low, in my opinion, but it just may be that you have a small bladder. Have you had urodynamics tests done?
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      Options to consider include wearing an indwelling catheter with leg bag or having a surgery called a bladder augmentation which will increase the capacity of your bladder and stop the contractions that make you incontinent. You can try further with drugs but it's quite a balancing act between getting enough for your bowel and not too much for your bladder.

      Sorry I don't have a better solution.
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        I have documenting everything, bladder wise, I do for nearly a year. Urologists are great people, but they don't have all the answers, no one does.

        I was headed for a bladder augmentation (major surgery) since I was incontinent all the time. I was on every bladder medication there was at one time or another, to no avail. I finally started using a condom catheter with a leg bag just so I could get out of the house without soaking myself. I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder. Urodynamics showed me to leak at 350ml, but 250 was all I could hold about 4 months after my urodynamics test.

        I suggest you use a condom catheter for now and start experimenting. That's what I did. I have tried Sanctura, Ditropan XL (up to 30mg), Detrol LA, Enablex, and Vesicare. After several months of recording in my cath diary, good data started to emerge. The Vesicare worked pretty consistently for me, much better than all the others and with the least side affects.

        I also researched and discovered a product made my Solaray called CranActin Effervescent taken initially 3 times a day, then later on, 2 times a day (the recommended dosage), which has worked very well for me. Before I was on 500mg Uroquid No.2, vit. C, garlique, and a cranberry pill, all 4x a day. This kept the UTI's away, but was so acidic I believe it irritated my bladder causing incontinence.

        Now I can hold up to 500ml in my bladder w/o leaking (I intermittent cath 5-6 times a day) using only the CranActin and Vesicare (10mg). I don't mean to imply this will work for you, everyone is different. I was headed to the surgery room before, now surgery is not even an option for me. I went from being a virtual sprinkler system, to being under control now. It has been an amazing turn-around for me, but it took a long time. Try everything before you have an augmentation, I did.

        Lastly, I have found through trial and error from my cath diary, the only things I can drink that don't cause problems are water, OJ, tea, and milk. Colas aggravated my bladder as did most carbonated beverages.

        Good Luck.


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          have you tried l-glutamine? it is a supplement that will help your bowel absorb more water (for your colostomy). Its what my Dr. reccomended to me when I had a colostomy. Just a thought.
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