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I don't feel so good

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    I don't feel so good

    Monday night I just started sneezing for no reason. At my level I have a pretty wimpy sneeze too. Then my nose just stoped up completely. I managed to blow my nose and get the left side working, but the right side is just stopped up completely. I thought I was getting a cold, but I don't have any feaver. The way I feel, it's like when you go swimming and go under water and forget to plug your nose. I had to go get a couple or prescriptions refilled yesterday, so I asked the pharmacists and he told me it sounded like sinuses, so he said to take Tylenol Sinus. I've never had sinus problems before, and it's not working anyway.

    I still don't have any feaver, and still fell like crap. What else could it be?
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    You might be getting a sinus infection. They are stubborn to get rid of sometimes and you would need an antibiotic. If it is a sinus infection, you will feel worse and worse as it is left untreated.

    Just a possibility ~ but maybe worth looking into.


      Is the air quality bad there? Here it sux, especially the last week with all the heat, no rain and no breeze. I've had all the symptoms you describe and a nasty headache too. Shelley may be right about the sinus infection but if you have no fever, I doubt it it's there yet. I've found drinking a caffeine drink with Tylenol helps it work better.

      Hope you feel better soon.
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        Could be sinuses, could be a cold, could be allergies. You sound like whatever it is, you are miserable and need to get cleared out. It depends on what you have that will determine the best medication.

        To help clear out your nose though, if you can have someone (or do it yourself if you can) do an assistive cough while you blow one side of your nose. This helps get the nostrils cleared. With a "whimpy" sneeze it's tough clearing the stuff out of your nose.

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          Jim, try some Vicks 12 hour nasal spray, I have been using this for a while now, so I told the doc then she put me on Flonase. As far as I'm concerned that stuff sucks, it only cleared me about 40%. So here I am back to Vicks. Give it a shot, it will clear your sinuses right up. Keep us posted
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            Sinus solution

            Jim when my sinuses get bad, I take a really hot shower and let the humidity get up there and then blow my nose. It really helps clear me up and I feel great for the rest of day until I go outside and the "red" level of air outside puts me right back to square. You might want to change your filters in your air system. You might have caught something working out, just saw a special a couple weeks ago about people catching weird stuff at the gym. Wash the equipment down with a anti-bacterial wipe before you use it.


              Jimms, the Indiana Nose Here!

              I have a long history of sinsus infections...If both sides are stopped up ,your nose still runs like a faucet and your cheekbones hurt to touch, it is most likely a sinus infection...You'll need an antibotic for sure and I swear by Beconase, wouldn't give you a nickel for flonase either.

              I have asthma, so I really get on this quick myself...I use the Beconase (l) spray every day for good measure. Heck, I can't even stand to have the a/c
              in the car blowing directly on my face, or I will stop up immediately.

              The longer you wait the more painful your face it becomes...good luck, and I do hope you get to feeling better soon.!
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                Originally posted by Hunker
                Jim when my sinuses get bad, I take a really hot shower and let the humidity get up there and then blow my nose.
                I do that when I shower anyway, and yeah it does help.

                I've been taking the Tylenol Sinus, I thought it was going away because I felt a little better yesterday morning. I could actually breathe through both nostrils, then by that night they were plugged up again. The right side is worse, it's just completely blocked. I can't blow or suck (get the dirty thoughts out of your head ). They'll both plug up and when I swallow, it feels like my eardrums are being sucked in.

                I can't seem to stay asleep longer than 2 hours at a time. My nose plugs up after I fall asleep, then I start breathing through my mouth, and then my mouth dries out completely and I wake up.
                Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.


                  I don't feel so good

                  I've had sinus trouble off and on for years and I know how you feel at night when they plug, mouth breathing kicks in and the mouth feels and tastes like dirt. I use the otc Afrin or wal-mart generic to start and follow up with rx nasacort or rinocort. Just use the OTC stuff to dynamite things open, then if you use the nasacort daily it usually keeps me nose breathing. Maybe worth a try.wr


                    Sounds like allergies to me, mine have been expecially bad this year and I've been having the same trouble for almost 3 months now. Try an anti-histamine if nothing else you've tried seems to be working. Hope it clears up soon.


                      I fogot to tell you about ear candles you can get them at the herb shop and also my son had sinus trouble when he was 4 or 5 and the doctor used a pulsating water machine (kind of like a water pick)all kinds of stuff came out of his ear but his sinus problems were gone after that.Of course the stuff animals, smoking etc I'm sure you know.