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    herbal remedies

    I was wondering whether anyone has had any success with herbal remedies dealing with hemorrhoids? I found many articles dealing with this on the Internet.

    herbal remedies for hemorrhoids

    tinern -- The only "herbal" type of remedy I have heard of for hemorrhoidal discomfort is the use of Witch Hazel pads (Tucks Pads). They can soothe the area and have been around for many years. You can buy them still at any drug store. I will be curious to see what others have to say. PLG
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      ...almost six years after SCI-Nurse's post, my experience with Witch Hazel:

      I use a cutout shower bench and just to keep this short, my piles did occasionally bleed, then it got worse and last year I was found anemic (I'm OK now.)

      I now keep a bottle (500ml) handy when I do my bowel treatment/take a shower. If bleeding starts I apply a folded paper towel soaked with Witch Hazel and it stop the bleeding.

      When back on bed to dress I have to push my piles back in and I use soft tissue soaked with Witch Hazel and leave it until I pull my pants on.

      Not a very scientific trial, yet since I started this about two months ago I have had no bleeding. I suspect that there is absorption taking place and the small surface capillaries may be shrinking due to the substance's astringent properties.

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