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    Hi Chipper,
    Congat on the twins. I had an increase in spasticity during my last pregnancy mostly in the hip flexors and extensors. I am ambulatory with plaform crutches but it became very difficult to sit or walk because of the spasticity. The second trimester was a bit better but by 21 weeks I was on full time bedrest which really increased the spasticity. As I said, the magnesium coincidentally helped with the spasticity as well as the preterm contractions. Lack of exercise as well as not being able to stretch made for some tough days and nights but the end result was well worth it all. I also got a lot of wonderful leg rubs from hubby which helped as much emotionally as they did physically. My level of hydration was very important. If I became slightly dehydrated, I started contracting as well as had an increase in spasticity and UTI's. I spent 23 weeks sleeping on my left side(not by choice) and it did improve the spasticity except towards the end when I delievered at 34 weeks.

    I gained 27 pounds but my starting weight was 103. The goal was 35# but since I delievered early, I was within the range. Until I went on bedrest, it was a battle to put the weight on as my mobility burned it off. I returned to using my wheelchair 8 weeks prior to delievery because it was too difficult to walk, the baby threw off my balance.

    The plus in all this is that I had a wonderful OB who got me through a rough pregnancy (not SCI related!!!) and I have a beautiful, active, funny, loving and delightful 4 year old. his was my second pregnancy with SCI.

    Where in MD do you get your care? My son was delievered at Holy Cross but most of my care was at PG Hospital. Keep posting and asking....the bottom line is that it is well worth it all. [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img] Nothing beats holding your newborn and looking at the absolute look of love in your husbands eyes.
    Every day I wake up is a good one


      for Phillis- Neurontin may not be safe!

      Dear Phillis, I found this abstract on Medline. It's new, from this year. Looks like taking anti-seizure drugs is not good for fetus's. This isn't based on personal experience, but it scared me!

      J Med Genet 2002 Apr;39(4):251-9

      Long term health and neurodevelopment in children exposed to antiepileptic drugs before birth.

      Dean JC, Hailey H, Moore SJ, Lloyd DJ, Turnpenny PD, Little J

      Department of Medical Genetics, Medical School, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD, UK.

      OBJECTIVE: To investigate the frequency of neonatal and later childhood morbidity in children exposed to antiepileptic drugs in utero. DESIGN: Retrospective population based study. SETTING: Population of the Grampian region of Scotland. PARTICIPANTS: Mothers taking antiepileptic drugs in pregnancy between 1976 and 2000 were ascertained from hospital obstetric records and 149 (58% of those eligible) took part. They had 293 children whose health and neurodevelopment were assessed. Main outcome measures: Frequencies of neonatal withdrawal, congenital malformations, childhood onset medical problems, developmental delay, and behaviour disorders. RESULTS: Neonatal withdrawal was seen in 20% of those exposed to antiepileptic drugs. Congenital malformations occurred in 14% of exposed pregnancies, compared with 5% of non-exposed sibs, and developmental delay in 24% of exposed children, compared with 11% of non-exposed sibs. After excluding cases with a family history of developmental delay, 19% of exposed children and 3% of non-exposed sibs had developmental delay, 31% of exposed children had either major malformations or developmental delay, 52% of exposed children had facial dysmorphism compared with 25% of those not exposed, 31% of exposed children had childhood medical problems (13% of non-exposed sibs), and 20% had behaviour disorders (5% of non-exposed). CONCLUSION: Prenatal antiepileptic drug exposure in the setting of maternal epilepsy is associated with developmental delay and later childhood morbidity in addition to congenital malformation.

      PMID: 11950853, UI: 21947849


        Neurontin & Pregnancy

        Hi there,

        Just read you post about neurontin and pregnancy and wanted to let you know that my daughter took neurontin during her pregnancy and she did decreased her dosage and my grandaughter is fine. Her pregnancy was great and she did have to deal with more pain due to the decrease. My son-in-law is an anestiolgist
        and with a very good hospital in Boston, Brigham and Womens and he said it was safe. I was also nervous in the beginning, but he felt very confident is was fine in small dosages. My daughter is also a t12,l1. She had no problems and it was a wonderful pregnancy.

        I also read that you are getting married. My daughter walked down the isle with her braces and held on to her father and father-in-law as a surprise to my son-in-law and she stood for the ceremony. We also made her a party chair. It was a stool with casters on it and a heavy weight. The dress covered the stool and you couldn't tell she was on the a stool. She danced all night with her husband and all of friends and it was wonderful. Just a thought.

        Have a wonderful wedding and I wish you a the best getting pregnant. Every time
        we look at our grandaughter we feel so blessed. She is such a joy to us.
        My daughters injury was 2 years ago from a spinal bleed.



          Thanks for the real life info on neurontin and pregnancy! I'm glad everything went well. Do you know what dosage your daughter decreased her Neurontin to? That would be helpful information to me. It would probably mostly help to ease my mind during my own future pregnany. Thanks for your help!



            Hi Phillis,

            Just spoke with my daughter and she told me that she was on 900 mg 3 X times
            a day, she was able to breast feed also with the baby. She told me to tell you that my son-in-law spoke with other Drs. and they all told him that was a very low dose and it was safe. Rats were on higher dosages and they were fine also.
            Hope that helps you. Of course it is your choice and we just wanted to share our experience. My grandaughter is rolling over and cooing & smiling all the time and is very alert. She is right on schedule with her development.

            God Bless!



              Thank you so much Jal!! That really makes me feel better. I'm also so glad to hear your daughter was able to breast feed while taking the Neurontin. I had pretty much settled on the awful decision that breast feeding was probably out for me. Was Neurontin the only medication your daughter took while pregnant? Sorry for all of these questions but it's so hard to find a good source for information. Thanks again!

              "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".-Confucius


                Other medication

                Hi Phillis,

                The only other medication she was taking was senikot for her bowels and that was it. I will check with her, but I think that was it.
                Please don't ever say you sorry for asking questions that is what we are here for to support and help one another. Believe me I have asked so many questions and I will continue to do so to help my daughter. My son-in-law is wonderful and I am constantly sending him information and asking what he thinks. I will speak with my daughter tomorrow and see if she was taking anything else. I don't think so. I do know she worked out until about a month before she delivered my grandaughter. She tried to stand the whole time, she stopped walking a couple of months after she find out she was pregnant, but continued to ride her hand bike and stand and does alot of stretching until a month before delivery and worked with very light weights. She is now back on the bike and walking and exercising everyday. She rides her bike an hour everyday. She also has no response to the fes but did ride the ergys bike at Barnes & Jewish with John McDonald. Dr.McDonald told her to make that her job to work out as much as possible. My daughter,son-in-law and my grandauther will be going to project walk after the holidays for a week.

                Please don't hesitate to ask away.

                Take care.



                  I was told that breastfeeding is not an option for me because of several of the other meds I am taking do get excreted in breastmilk. You need to check for each medication whether this will be a problem or not.

                  Just FYI, my o.b. does NOT recommend Senokot for nursing mothers because the drug does pass through breast milk and can irritate the baby's digestive tract. He recommends only Colasce if any kind of stool softener is needed.

                  Phillis, any news on pregnancy? Have you started trying yet? I can't believe I am almost there -- 6.5 months and counting! I have started to look huge and have started having problems transferring to/from my wheelchair. But the babies are doing great (they each weigh about 2 pounds now) and I found out I am having a boy and a girl! I am so excited, this was the best news of all!

                  good luck!


                    Hi Chipper!

                    I was so glad to read to your post! I've been wondering how you were managing since you are expecting twins. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. Congratulations on having a boy and a girl!! That's great news! I haven't started trying to get pregnant yet. It will probably be at least a year until I do start trying. We're getting married this October (the date was postponed for awhile due to my accident). I'm just a worrier so I wanted to find out as much as possible before we do start trying. You've been a great help and I hope you'll be a good resource for me when I am pregnant! Keep me informed of any problems you encounter. So far it sounds like you're doing great! Thanks again for all of your help.

                    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".-Confucius