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4-AP at 6 months post?

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  • 4-AP at 6 months post?

    I believe I've read that 4-AP is for 1+ years post, is that true? I'm C5/6 incomplete (walking)soon to be 6 months post. Are there adverse effects in taking it sooner while I'm still getting return?

    I seem to be a good candidate otherwise and I'm intrigued by what I've read about it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is little experience with 4-AP taken within a year after injury. Thus, there is no good answer to your question.

    Most of the clinical trials have focussed on >1 year after injury because they want to determine the effects of 4-AP independent of the natural recovery of people which, as you know, continues for a year or more after injury. The choice of the 1 year time frame by the clinical trials is not because there is any evidence indicating that the drug does or does not work earlier or its safety but rather because the clinical trial's purpose is to show that the treatment improves function.