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Atrial Fibrillation and Oxybutynin

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    Atrial Fibrillation and Oxybutynin

    Just recently got diagnosed with A-Fib. I'm C6/7 incomplete, 26 years post. I've been taking Oxybutynin since day one for an over active bladder and self cath. Reading the drug information page included with my prescription, it says not to take Oxybutynin if you have a heart frequency problem like A-Fib. Of course, that is a disaster for managing bladder spasticity. Are there alternative bladder medications to Oxybutynin that don't interact with heart frequency problems? So far, I haven't found one. Thanks.
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    This has not been studied well in other anticholenrgics, but it appears that mirabegron has little cardiovascular effects. The issue may be more of drug-drug interactions if you are taking antiarrhythmics​ heart drugs or platelett inhibitor drugs. I would recommend talking to both your urologist and cardiologist. Botox may be a good choice if none of these drugs would be compatible. (KLD)
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