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Gentamicin storage temp?

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    Gentamicin storage temp?

    I have a mini fridge that doesn't get quite as cold as a normal fridge. It gets down to around 44 degrees. It's convenient because I keep it in my bathroom at home and don't have to make a trip to the kitchen. I've been keeping my mixed gent in there but wondered if it was cold enough. I called my pharmacist who said it should be fine. However, I thought I would check here to see if anyone has had a similar situation and the medication lost its effectiveness at that temp?

    Not really because I can’t keep mine chilled; it initiates painful spasms in my bladder and often squirts right back out. My Uro told me it was fine for the duration of a single course (which for my script is 5 days) in a room temp dark place, and up to 2 weeks before being completely shot. I don’t keep compounded solution any longer than that. Uncompounded the foil packs I get say keep below 25C, in the dark, with a 4-year shelf life. 1-year for the vials. Nothing about cold storage, really
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