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My colonoscopy and colostomy dates are approaching, have some questions

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    My colonoscopy and colostomy dates are approaching, have some questions

    Well I’ll be getting my colostomy on the 10th of October. I have to admit I am a little nervous. I’m not super excited about it. But I am looking forward to quicker bowel programs, a lot less bleeding from my hemorrhoids, and no dysreflexia after a BP. I’m going to be getting a colonoscopy before the colostomy, and I have some questions about both the colonoscopy and colostomy:

    1. I’m going to be doing the prep in the hospital. Any tips for making the prep go a little better? I thought I had seen someone mention starting a soft/liquid diet sooner than what’s recommended, but I can’t find that comment anymore.

    2. I have a suprapubic, any tips on securing it while I’m in the hospital and during surgery so no one accidentally pulls on it?

    3. I’m not sure how much I will be able to get up into my chair while in the hospital, and am a little worried about pressure sores while in bed so much. Do you think they would let me use some sort of pressure relieving mattress?

    4. I use sennokot-s right now for bowel management. I do my bowel program at night and I take 4 pills the morning of. Will I still need to take them after the colostomy?

    5. Are prolapses of the colostomy stoma possible? If so, what are some tips to prevent that?

    6. Carecure members who have a colostomy, what type of bag/supplies do you use?

    7. I’ve seen abdominal binders for people with colostomies. I was wondering if anyone uses one? I use a binder right now but it slides/moves around a little when getting ready or even just bending over in my chair. So I’m curious how binders for colostomies don’t push against the colostomy.

    Any other tips are welcome!

    Thank you

    Stephen recommended this a while ago-

    I did the prep at home by myself, unassisted. I think there were several keys to my success. For starters, in the days leading up to the procedure it's important to be on a "low residue" diet. I limited my meals exclusively to Raw Meal smoothies mixed with almond milk. High protein and effortless to digest. On the 2 nights before official prep day, I took Milk of Magnesia at bedtime. For many years now I've been using the Coloplast Peristeen transanal irrigation for my daily bowel program to great result. On the "official" prep day (Sunday), I had one Raw Meal smoothie in the morning and then stopped eating until after the procedure was completed. I used MoviPrep to empty my colon -- split PM/AM doses as directed. I mixed the powder with Lemonade Gatorade and the taste, honestly, was not at all terrible.

    I was expecting Montezuma's Revenge when I got onto the toilet, but it was more like Montezuma's half-a-grudge. After a few hours on the bowl, and when I felt it was safe to transfer back into my chair, I took a shower. I had purchased a 36" long silicone enema tube which I snaked up my butt (pretty much all the way) to drain any of the excess fluid in my colon. There wasn't a lot.

    I went to bed with lots of underpads and to my astonishment and relief I had no discharge -- I remained dry. At 5AM on the morning of the procedure, I drank the second quart of MoviPrep and went through the identical steps. I suspected that I was pretty much thoroughly cleaned out from the first quart the night before as I didn't have a lot of "success." Back into to shower and another round with the enema tube.

    That's pretty much the whole story. I hope my experience may prove helpful to someone at some point.



      Can't help with the colostomy questions yet… but I did have a colonoscopy and did the prep in the hospital. The procedure I went through was to drink an obscene amount of a product called golytely. I believe it is 4 L. and you need to drink a glass of it every 10 minutes until it's gone. Lots of ice to keep it cold. Do your best just power through it. I ate normally until my last meal at supper. Was in bed around 7 PM and started drinking. That night they gave me four dulcolax tablets. In the morning I got my usual Magic bullet suppository. My system was slow to respond and it seemed to take a long time to get emptied out and it was a mess. I am a C-5 quadriplegic so they did my routine with me in bed. I usually sit upright in a sling at home for my BP since gravity seems to cut the time in half, but they wouldn't do it.… once you start the prep you won't be spending any time in your chair until after the procedure. Which for me was nearly 24 hours.

      They should accommodate you with a mattress if you request it if you are prone to skin breakdown. I also have A suprapubic catheter. I just make sure I notify everybody to be careful when moving me. I also keep the drainage hose in a loop on the mattress next to me and clipped in place.

      I wish you luck. I am on the list to get a colostomy myself.


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        Golytely is the same medication as Miralax. There are newer more palatable prep medications available now. You should ask your colorectal surgeon who is doing the study about these. I have to have a colonoscopy every 5 years due to a family history; the last time I had CLENPIQ® Prep, which was much smaller volume and didn't taste as bad either. (KLD)

      Mama is having colonoscopy next week. The prep Rx we picked up already is pill form that suppose take over several hours with forgotten amount of fluids with each dose of pills. They told her clear liquid diet couple days before test.
      My last scope was about 4 years ago and still had that big jug golytely.
      Good Luck!