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Weird injury

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    Weird injury

    I have been a quad since 1991. This summer, July 1, I was mowing lawn on a zero turn that had the tires overinflated. It seriously rattled my back and caused bad pain. Being a quad I can’t exactly pinpoint but it’s my lower back. I went to emergency room thinking broken pelvis, back something bad. They thought sciatic nerve and gave me some steroids. It hasn’t gotten better so I have been seeing primary. X-rays and MRI hasn’t shown anything. I have never had a bowel program just went every 3-4 days. Now I still have pain, tightness in my lower back / hips and I can’t go anymore like normal. I’m having to use magic bullets. I have a referral to neurologist but my primary told me they might not see me because X-rays and MRI show nothing wrong. Pee is normal cath and volume. Has anybody had something like this? Can this be internal injury to organs?


    May take time to heal but a full bowel can cause increased pain etc.. start a bowel program. Is stool hard/lump. Are you on a stool softener? ? Probably issue from below-try suppisitory or Enemeez-they might send you free samples but would start today. Every other minimally. Of course increase fluids and fiber in diet. CWO
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      Thanks, stool is about the same. I have been using magic bullets. I am not on softeners. Lots of fluids. Lots of kombucha etc.