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Sore on my elbow

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    Sore on my elbow

    I have this sore on my elbow and I'm looking for tips on getting it healed up. It started as a callous but rubbed or sheared off at some point in the day. I'm looking for bandage ideas and anything else I put on it to help it heal.
    Thank you

    Any dressing that will keep the site clean and moist (not wet). I like a petroleum or bismuth impregnated dressing covered with gauze and tape. Get elbow pads too (Heelbo makes a product you can wear on heels or elbows...the gel ones are best). No leaning on that elbow for ADLs or wheelchair pushing...keep all weight off it. The bone is very close to the skin there and you can go quickly from a stage 2 like this to a 3 or 4 pressure injury.

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