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    Don't touch me or......

    Well, I'm searching for an answer that maybe somebody might have gone through what I'm going through right now. And that is sweating again. It seems like whenever I'm touched from my waist down I will start to sweat. ( my injury is at C5 ). Just by putting on my compression stockings and my pants then the Hoyer lift straps. It could be different on any given morning some mornings nothing sometimes medium and sometimes very aggravating sweating.

    I visited my neurologist 2 weeks ago and he prescribed Propranolol. I haven't taken it yet because I'm a little bit weary for this reason. It seems after I get out of bed maybe two to three hours later my blood pressure starts to drop. I'm afraid this might really make it bottom out and then I have to run for the Midodrine.

    So I guess the question is why does this start when I'm touched. Sometimes the sweating could last anywhere from 5 to possibly 30 minutes. So I'm thinking shouldn't I be trying to get rid of the cause first. It seems like the medication is after the fact. One more thing I might add I just looked up Propranolol and I just realized it is for anxiety too. Maybe it's a combination of being touched and anxiety.

    I'm sure I have anxiety, but I just try not to think I do. I guess after four years I'm still fooling myself about that one. My life was torn up when my mother and father and wife all died within a 16 month time period. I could say in the last two months though only one out of my three PCs this time are druggie. All I have to say it wasn't like this 30 or 40 years ago people were decent back then.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger