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Is it safe to use a Suppository every day

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    Is it safe to use a Suppository every day

    It might be a dumb question but I figured I'd ask anyway. Is there many of us SCI's that do Suppository every day? I'm only asking because it seems like I can't even make it to the second day anymore and that is after I hardly even eat anything. It seems like I can't even eat vegetables anymore. I guess if doesn't seem that unordinary every night it's OK. I could go back to healthier food like broccoli and oatmeal that I've been eating practically my whole life. I got into thinking isn't this even ordinary for older people to get this way?
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    Originally posted by tvot View Post
    Is there many of us SCI's that do Suppository every day?
    I'm 30 and I've been doing the bowel program everyday for 13 years since my injury. However, since past 2 months I'm mostly skipping one day in between except weekends when I hog a lot. This is the suppository I use (no magic bullet in India)

    My BP takes 2 hours 95% of the times and 2.5hrs sometimes (not including cleaning and anything, just the emptying). It used to be 1.5hrs in the early years not anymore. I used to do the BP on bed lying on the left side for about a decade, but after that started leading to frequent accidents. It felt like it's not emptying properly. Since last year I moved to doing the BP in supine position with my legs folded (like you see in movies when pregnant women give birth to a child). It's a nightmare to clean but my care aide has figured it out and is able to do it fairly quickly. For a new guy, yes it's a nightmare and takes some getting used to.

    The reasons why i do it every other day now;
    1. Save time
    2. Doing it everyday requires me to eat a lot for a smooth movement. That's just extra calories which I don't need and i can definitely cut down on weight by eating lesser.
    Over the years I have identified some of the things that mess up my BP or definitely cause accidents;
    1. Anti biotics - they kill gut bacteria as well. This is a huge bitch to fix. 5 days of anti biotics can mess up your BP for couple of months easily.
    2. Fever. If i get fever for any reason, even viral, next day's BP is gonna be 3hrs and very prone to accident
    3. if i don't eat enough - it will delay the BP and cause an accident as well. If i am out or busy and don't end up eating as much, i skip the BP next day.
    4. Excess Milk and cheese products
    5. Lack of water intake
    6. Lack of fibre rich food - i compensate for this with psyllium husk

    I do not take oral laxatives or stool softener. Very scared of those as I still have PTSD from the bowel accidents that happened when i was newly injured quad in rehab. that's when they fed me laxative before bed.
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