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    I really need help. I have surgery set for Wednesday. They said my urine came back infected. So they said they wont do surgery unless my test say cleared. I told them I don't have a infection, Urine is pale yellow no odor and I feel fine. Now when they took the urine it was from the leg bag and it was in there awhile.
    The antibiotic they gave me is Erythomycin. Never took it before and when I looked it up it didn't list for urine infections. Doctor wont be in untill tomorrow. Has any one takin Erythomycin for urine infection?

    What organism showed in the culture? But no Mycins are not routinely given for UTI nor or they used to test the sensitivity but sometimes an unusual organism might come up. The culture said the organism is sensitive. Also when having surgery, some surgeons want the urine to be totally clean. This is the exception to don't treat unless symptomatic. The reason? if you do get signs of infection after the surgery, the surgeon won't know if the surgical site is infected or some other cause- like UTI.
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