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Pee bag problems

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    Pee bag problems

    Hi guys,
    just hoping for some tips. I’m c5/6, I was doing independent transfers most of the time until I had done some significant nerve injuries to my left arm, and have severe carpal tunnel in both wrists now too. I have slowly gone back to more hoist transfers however even though we are securing my leg bag properly it’s detaching from my catheter most of the time during transfers, my catheter is secured to my leg.
    I prefer to use larger bags, secure catheter to my abdomen and place bag in a bag under my chair but I find they don’t drain as well as having a leg bag sometimes.
    so my team have got me trying leg bags again.....
    I have a 5in bucket in my chair, I thought that might have something to do with the large bags flowing.
    Any tips?
    When I don’t use leg bags they never disconnect.

    thanks for any tips

    Does this happen when you are transferring in or out of you chair, or both?

    What type of a connector are you using between the catheter and the tubing? Connectors that are ribbed are less likely to disconnect than some smooth tapered connectors.

    You may need a little more slack in the tubing.

    Possibly you need to empty the leg bag before you make the transfer.

    Here is a good video on the StatLock devic:



      I put tape around all the connectors. Catheter to tubeing. Tubeing to bag. I also use hard plastic tubing from the hardware store, not surgical tubing. It kinks and stretches.