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Ditropan --> Myrbetriq. How long for efficacy to take?

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    Ditropan --> Myrbetriq. How long for efficacy to take?

    I have been on Ditropan for quite some time now. Started at 5mg/day, then 10, then 15 and then 20. I was taking 20 for about three months and I just got sick of waking up with dry mouth and eyes which felt they were sand-blasted along with the lingering potential for dementia and the constipation. I petitioned my insurance and PCP and managed to get Myrbetriq approved.

    I started taking 25mg/day of the Myrbetriq just last Saturday night (9/5). It's been about 5 days, but I still have spasms and urge incontinence. My PCP is unsure of which way to go. I'm wondering if it takes a while for this drug to work?

    When I get off Oxybutynin and then get back on again (during urodynamics, for example) the Oxybutynin works in like two days. I'm a little worried that after all of the effort I went through to get the Myrbetriq approved, it's not efficacious for me!

    So, for those who have been on Myrbetriq successfully - does it take some time for it to kick in? After how many days can I conclude that it's not going to work?

    Thanks either way, everyone.
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    Mine took about a week to start working, but I was told it could take up to 4 weeks for some people.
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      I take Myrbetriq and Toviaz. From what I was told the top and bottom of the bladder are affected by different medications. I'm not sure which but I had 24-48 hour response time from Myrbetriq the first time I used it, but after a month or so leakage occurred again. I took Myrbetriq and Vesicare for a while but insurance quit the Vesicare last January and I had to switch to Toviaz and I'm glad I did. Very few leakages since.