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Small heel abrasion

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  • Small heel abrasion

    I have a small abrasion on my heel, possibly from my front casters or foot rest. It has been lightly bleeding for about 5 days although I think it is improving. I want to be extra careful because I did have cellulitis in the foot a few years back that required antibiotic, and there is a lot of edema, and of course no sensation.

    Should I bandage it? Put ointment on it? Or just let it be?

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    Is this the back of the heel or the sole of the foot?

    I would recommend to use some triple antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin is a brand name,generic is fine too. OTC at your local pharmacy) and cover with an occlusive bandage. Healing will be faster if it is kept moist (not wet) and covered. Wash and reapply daily. Keep pressure off it, as an abrasion can turn into a pressure injury if pressure is applied. Is this the back of the heel or the sole of the foot?

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      Thank you. It is the back of the heel.

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    I had one a while ago. I cut the back of the heel out leaving just a thin strap to hold it on. Worked great and kept all the pressure off the heel yet still able to wear a running show.


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