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Too much bowel management?

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    Too much bowel management?

    I've spent the last year or so since discharging from post-SCI rehab toying with medications and supplements trying to get my bowel program under control. Good news is that I'm now getting a good daily movement pretty reliably, but it comes at the cost of severe bloating and discomfort (bowel and bladder pressure) pretty much all day every day - I constantly feel like the BP was incomplete and I'm about to have an accident, though thankfully it hasn't happened yet. I suspect that my cornucopia of bowel management is to blame. Frankly, I left rehab with probably too many meds prescribed, and I've only added to the problem overtime trying to fight bouts of constipation.

    Here's my daily routine:
    -180mg Simethicone (Gas-X) in the morning
    -100mg Colace stool softener morning and night
    -17.2mg Senna laxative at night
    -1500mg Psyllium husk or metamucil bulking agent in the morning, though I recently switched this to night (I recently tried stopping and quickly restarted when the stool went super soft)
    -1 capful Miralax laxative in the morning, though recently switched to night (started per a nurse's advice after I went to the ER for constipation this summer)
    -5-6 dried prunes at night

    My BP is daily bedside (on my right side due to some bed logistics) at 6am: Magic bullet, wait 25 min, then 2 rounds of dig stim and disimpacting. It is almost always a "large result." My diet is quite good, with lots of fiber. I drink 2-3 liters of water per day, mostly at night.

    Where do I even start - which of the meds/supplements should I consider dropping to maintain a successful BP but tackle this bloating/discomfort problem?
    C5/6 complete (maybe) circa June 2018

    I take these daily (2 morn, 2 evening)-

    This for breakfast-

    Shaklee products are top notch


      I remember leaving rehab with a similar list, which I took religiously for the first couple of years with similar results.
      Over time I've figured the only one I have to take is the fibre(metamucil). When I stop the metamucil I have the most problems.

      I also moved to doing my bowel program every other day, everyone is different on that one, I know folks who go 2 and 3 days between bowel program.
      I've never managed to go more than one day, seems that is where my body is comfortable. Takes at least a month to get into the new routine.

      good luck.


        That’s a tiny amount of psyllium husk. The recommended amount is 9 g on my bottle.


          When I first came home from inpatient rehab I was taking collace and miralax and doing a daily bowel program with magic bullet and a bunch of dig-stim. My poop was always soft and I tended to have a bowel accident around every month or two. And hemorrhoids. After year two, I quit the colace, quit the miralax, went to every other day using an Enemeez type liquid and no dig-stim, only hand shower stimulation. I have about one bowel accident a year and no inflammation of the 'roids.