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Acute Prostatitus with Intense Spasms, Any Thoughts?

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    Acute Prostatitus with Intense Spasms, Any Thoughts?

    Hi everyone. I am a T-5 T-6 complete but not severed spinal cord. My accident was 18 years ago and for the most part things have been fine. The odd UTI and bed sore.
    About 2 weeks ago I started feeling a burning sensation in my left groin buttock area, So my GP requested a urine sample. We sent it off and it came with a low count of bacteria so antibiotics. I awoke the following day to an enlarged penis and my foreskin was all swollen and red. My GP then had me go on another antibiotic along with the first. I apologize but dont recall the names of them. As I continued to do my daily activities I noticed an increase in the burning as the day moved along. I wasn't really incontinent either. So was questioning the UTI? My spasms also started to increase while sitting and laying down. My sleeps were starting to become less and less. I contacted my Nero Doctor in Kingston at Providence Care and she checked out all the external areas which were fine. We did an x-ray of my abdomen to rule out any appendix issues and anything else that shows up on the x-ray. She then suggested GABAPENTIN ?? I then drove home and the burning intensified 1000 times when transferring and sitting. I arrived home in agony and went to bed. Layed all night long with burning and spasms. Got up the next day and drove myself back to Kingston and went to emerge. After blood work, CT scan and me describing my symptoms they think it may be Acute Prostatitus. Which could explain the massive burning and Increased spasticity. I am now taking one a day Antibiotic ACT-LEVOFLOXACIN 750MG for a Month. When i look online some people with Acute Prostatitus are hospitalized for at least a month and given the antibiotic through intravenous?
    Nothing seems to be changing, my burning is still there and only regulated by 650mg ibuprofen every 8 hours and 600mg tylenol every 4 hours. I can still feel the burning through this at times. If I sit it burns if I lay down it burns. Spasms are usually constant but intensify when i lay down. I feel bloated at times and burp quite a bit. My diet is so so but really no desire to eat. I push myself through this and know i need to eat. I smoke some marijuana which relieves some of the burning. I am about to try CBD Tinctures dosage of 1ML a day.
    I am not sure again if i have been diagnosed correctly and the sleep deprivation is really geting to me.
    With all of this being said I Hope that Someone who may have Experienced this could share what and how they coped. I am also Hoping the SCI Nurse can shed some light on the situation?
    Please Help Me
    Peter Bagshaw

    You should be seeing a good urologist for this. Prostatitis does not usually cause swelling or redness of the penis or scrotum. You could also have an infection of your foreskin and/or testicles.

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