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Peristeen Problems

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    Peristeen Problems

    Dear all,
    I am a new Peristeen user. Paraplegic (T-7), 26 years old and 22 years post-accident.
    The problems i have encountered so far since i started to use it are:
    - the baloon is forced out (while inflated) after instilling only 200-300 cc of water. This happens only if i do the procedure in a seated position and it does not happen while i do it in a supine position (in bed for instilling the 700 cc of water and then i transfer to wc)
    - after instilled the water (in a supine position) i do feel some internal movements and spasms, but it seems the gas (that my bowel is full of) goes back towards the beginning of the colon. In fact when i transfer to toilet i produce some feces but almost nothing in terms of farts.
    - sometimes i feel like there's water left after the procedure that causes discomfort through the day

    I've already heard about people having the problems of balloon forced out, so my suggested tip of doing the procedure in bed could be a work around. In my case i've been informed that my colon after many years of constipation (and an abdominal surgery of 20 years ago) got deformed and twisted, so that could be the cause of the balloon forced out (the water in the seated position could meet an obstruction)

    For the gas i don't know what to do and that's my biggest concern.

    I am on my second month of trial with the Peristeen (once every other day) and i am from Italy (you would excuse for the mistakes)

    Thank you


    I use the peristeen every other day.
    For me it's hardly perfect but it helps and is an improvement over just doing digital stimulation.

    I have occasions when the balloon is pushed out fully inflated, I just wait 5 minutes relax and start again and it usually goes to plan.

    I also make sure I digital stimulation at the very end just to make sure and to avoid accidents, mostly unnecessary, but have definitely caught an accident before it was an accident a few times.