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effects of amputation

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    Wishing you all the best Phil. Glad you are on the “other side of it” and wishing a fast recovery.


      Originally posted by pfcs49 View Post
      I went in Thursday, amputation was through the knee/joint, and I was released today, Wed.
      Somehow I managed to have a pretty severe constipation during this,
      when the goal was to load up on proteins, I was fasting and not sleeping.
      I don't know what is the cause, but I feel like I was hit by a train. I feel fuzzy and unbalanced. I think I need a lot of good sleep and some food before I get worried.

      Not having a right leg is a problem! I'll editorialize when I have better energy and more data.
      All the best and at least it's done now. I think you must be under a lot of stress and anxiety and those symptoms of fuzzy, unbalanced, lack of energy and constipation would be a natural

      occurance in my experience.


        Seven months post-op report: at first I couldn't believe how the missing lower right leg would complicate my transfers, but necessity IS the mother of invention including being a nasty muthterfucker!
        As soon as I move off the cushion, the freely hanging right stumpy leg, now just "Stumpy", toggles straight down. Try getting into your drivers seat with this
        As soon as I unweighted myself to transfer to the right, onto the bed, my new leftward COG rotates me 90* clockwise!!
        The answer was new awareness of my ballistics and, in the case of car transfers, a 4" Velcro binder across my legs behind the knees, which must be very tightly clamping them together to get into the car.
        I've pretty much adjusted to everything, especially the hour or so of daily wound care I don't do and the never weekly visits to wound care!
        69yo male T12 complete since 1995
        NW NJ