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Small cut/wound that will not heal combined with fungal/yeast infection

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    Thanks KLD,
    So I went ahead and bought some interdry. Just figured I might as well. But I have not used it yet or anything.
    The original cut was very shallow and stayed that way. It has finally actually healed.
    My scrotum is still red, but definitely lightening up and the larger patch of moisture has slowly disappeared as the redness is lightened. Don't get me wrong, it is still very red, but better. I'm glad you mentioned how to apply the antifungal powder… I think I had a tendency to cake it on a bit too much. I have also been doing the cleaning and drying like you suggested.
    -How long does a fungal infection that's this red generally take to go way?

    The area on my thigh is however still seeping and it's now the part that has me the most worried. So right now I am applying the antifungal powder to that area as well. I'm afraid of drying the skin out too much, the good skin that is. Is there anything else I should be putting on it?

    Thanks again… Best