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Medrol + (MORE) Neurontin

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    Medrol + (MORE) Neurontin

    I have this disc in my back that pops out from time to time and gives me some crazy pain down my leg for a bit. A quick visit to the manual therapist and remembering better posture in my chair usually does the trick, but this time it's sticking around. My doc gave a script for a Medrol Does Pack and upped my Neurontin from 800 3x/day to 900 3-4x/day. Day 1 - took the 1st dose of Medrol a couple hours ago and not feeling much relief.

    A couple questions for anyone who has taken Medrol and/or the Medrol/Neurontin combo:
    1. Apparently Prednisone makes you gain wait and retain water. My metabolism is already ridiculously slow due to SCI. Can it really get much slower? especially in the course of just a week? If I can fight off the munchies and drink tons of water (which I'll be doing my best to do anyway), will that help or should I just prepare myself now for some extra (temporary) LBs?
    2. 800mg 3x/day of Neurontin takes quite a bit out of me as it is. I really don't like it at all, but without it the nerve pain in my hands is too much. Did you see good results with taking both together? Wondering if that extra 100mg/dose will make a difference in either direction (that is, having a dramatic effect on the pain compared to Medrol alone or making me even more sluggish throughout the day....?).

    I'm sure I'll do both and just go back to my regular dose of Neurontin if I'm a zombie by this time tomorrow. I just like to have some idea of what I'm getting into before it comes... helps to mentally prepare.

    Anyway, any wisdom anyone has to share would be greatly appreciated.
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    Watching what you eat will help but there is a slight weight gain but you will lose it. It also affects your blood sugar so less sweets if possible. You should be noticing less pain by now- the Medrol works by lessening inflammation and swelling and Neurontin works differently. You might notice a difference but should help with the nerve pain.
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