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How long can a sample be stored?

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    How long can a sample be stored?

    Looks like I am coming down with another UTI. So far the symptoms are mild with 100.3 degree temperature but in my experience sometimes the temp rises rapidly. As usual it happens on Sunday night.

    i called into the doctor on call to get an antibiotic prescription, but taking it would mess up the sample tomorrow (Levaquin).

    Could I get a sample for culture tonight and store it overnight to be brought to the lab tomorrow? I assume it should be refrigerated? Or does that not matter?

    A lot of little illnesses this year!

    Yes get a sample if possible in the morning before and take it in before starting the antibiotic
    if you get it tonight you need to refrigerate it in a sterile container
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      I would get a prescription for antibiotic to keep in the house should you get ill over a holiday, weekend, etc.. Try to stay away from powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics and go with one that targets your frequent bacterial offender. Also get several prescriptions for UA/CS so that you can run a specimen over to the lab immediately the next morning or even on Saturday, as labs are often open until 1 o'clock or so. You could also bring one, though it probably isn't needed, if you go to an urgent care center, which will be more than happy to take the specimen (you may have to cath there however) and prescribe antibiotic.

      Sometimes office staff can take an entire day to get you an RX for the specimen at the lab or the antibiotic. As was mentioned, take the specimen before the first pill, refrigerating it if necessary till the next morning.

      I once made the extreme mistake of traveling for business without an emergency supply and got horrendously sick on the other side of the country. The very difficult decision for me was to either get on a plane with a raging UTI and rising fever or go to a hospital and miss my flight. A seasoned SCI traveler who was also on the business trip and on the same flight, seeing how sick I was, asked if I had such an emergency supply and I replied that I didn't. I got on the plane by the time I got off it I was extremely sick. Luckily, a family member met me at the airport with antibiotic and I started it immediately and it was a correct one.

      Needless to say I never left home overnight after that scare without such a supply.