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butt snot w/ Miralax?

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  • butt snot w/ Miralax?

    Hi all,

    I'm writing this for my brother who has MS. He's been trying a regular bowel program for a couple months now. Using daily Miralax and dig stimulation in the mornings. This was recommended by his PCP and GI docs after a couple admissions for severe abdominal distention and puking about every one to two weeks. The regular program seems to be helping--no bowel incontinence for a while--even when transferring w/ the ceiling lift. But for the last week he's been having what I just learned is 'butt snot'. I read a few threads about this and it seems that everyone is getting this from using ducolax or some other stimulant suppository. But like I said--he's only using Miralax.

    His PCP is through a program called PACE where they provide all services including some home care. But I don't think they are too familiar with neurogenic bowel. Any ideas of what is causing this and what he could do to help? The PACE program might be willing to send a PCA to help if needed.

    thanks in advance--

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    You can also get "afterburn" with too vigorous or prolonged dig stim. I assume he is not using a suppository, which would help to time the bowel movements to when he wants to do bowel care. Has he tried using an Enemeez for this?

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      He has not used enemeez or suppositories. I told the PACE nurse that I was going to post on carecure. I’ll let them know what you say. He’s also having a follow up CT of the abdomen next week.


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        I have the same problem of the "butt snot". I minimize it by flushing out the rectum with a lubricated pediatric nasal syringe. It works for me.
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          I’ll see if he wants to try that. Sometimes he has problems manipulating things with his hands but a pedi bulb syringe seems like it could work. Thanks!


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            As SCI-Nurse suggests have him try Enemeez. They'll send free samples and have a patient assistance program.