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More sensitive to stimulus causing extreme autonomic dysreflexia

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    More sensitive to stimulus causing extreme autonomic dysreflexia

    I have been injured since 1984...c3/4/5. So, I am no newby to my body?s glitches, including the dreaded autonomic dysreflexia (ad).

    The problem is is that I have become super sensitive to any pain stimulus below my injury level lately. I have dealt with some sweats, goosebumps, chills and flushed skin over the years, but lately it has included my blood pressure (bp). So lately, my bp will spike at the least little issue now. Nitro-paste has become my best friend...

    I try to think back to any changes in my body...and there has definitely been a few.

    1st- I broke my left leg (tibia) last has healed now, but is still sore enough to cause some ad when my caregiver touches and applies pressure around the area.

    2nd- I started experiencing pain at my mid right side in January. Then, after a few tests and scans, I learned that I have gall stones. ...but a HIDA scan shows that my gallbladder is functioning fine.

    3rd- ...more of the same right side pain daily and often causing the ad, with bp spikes. Finally, in March I learn that I have hep-c (WOW!!!), and my liver is some inflamed. Also, the back of my left elbow area has been fractured... By the way, we learned that I have contracted the hep-c from a blood transfusion back in 1984, and it had been dormant until recently.

    4th- After, being on treatment for the hep-c since beginning of May, the pain and ad issues had started improving somewhat until a couple weeks ago. My side pain my dr ordered an abdominal ultrasound of different organs. Everything looked good except my gallbladder does have sludge, but could not see any stones now. I was initially diagnosed using a ct scan though.

    5th- As of the past few days, my side seems to feels better, but I am still dealing with the extra sensitivity...and the ad with bp stokes from everything like a slightly raw area on my inner thigh.


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    I think you have all the information you need, you just find it hard to believe. The gallbladder problem is enough in itself to dial up your sensitivity exponentially. Start with the information you have: body is screaming SOMETHING HAS CHANGED AND IT IS WRONGWRONGWRONG!!!! That is what spasticity and AD do and once it is dialed up it can take months to recede even if your problem gets fixed, which yours are not.

    If your doctor does not think gallbladder sludge is big deal, your body disagrees. Our bodies are smarter than our doctors. Presupposing your doc is smart, his comment means there is little that allopathic medicine can do for you right now. An acupuncturist/herbalist (many cross train in both disciplines because they are complimentary) can likely help you. Not as fast as you would like, I'm sure, because gall bladders can be stubborn, but who knows? Each problem is different.

    Have you consulted a nutritionist about foods and oils that are friendly to the gallbladder? You doctor can refer you and that may stop the progression.


      I would also consider a second opinion for the gall bladder management and make sure that you explain how it is impacting your life. While someone without a spinal cord injury may not react to the gall bladder sludge the way you are, all of us are different. At least with a second opinion, you can determine which direction you might want to go in.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.