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Going from Colostomy to Ileostomy

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    Going from Colostomy to Ileostomy

    Ive had a colostomy for about 2yrs now (T12 para, 15yrs post injury) and while its so so so much easier to take care than my old bowel program, I have again run into severe constipation issues. I have to do another transit study, and my GI is trying her best to get the colostomy functioning better. Now we fear the entire thing is shutting down. Back in 2017 they had diagnosed me with colonic inertia, but said the rectum was the worst part, which led to a sigmoid colostomy.

    With that being said, my biggest concerns post ileostomy surgery is managing your fluids & electrolytes. I already have low blood pressure, so this concerns me. Does anyone have any advice? Those with an ileostomy, how difficult is it managing your fluid intake? Is it really as easy as they say to become dehydrated? Or is dehydration right after surgery the biggest concern?

    Trying to prepare myself!

    You can become dehydrated because your colon is not preserving the majority of fluids for your body to use. However, once you figure out how much you need to drink and what works best to keep your electrolytes where they need to be, it is easily incorporated into your daily routine. That may take a few days or weeks to figure out, but it is definitely doable.
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