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Scoliosis disk compression with spinal cord injury (loss of height)

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  • Scoliosis disk compression with spinal cord injury (loss of height)

    I?m a t2 incomplete 4 yrs post car accident. I walk with crutches or a cane. I have good strength with right foot drop and a weaker right side. My weight is the same as it was pre sci but I?ve lost 3? in height. I feel like I have pressure on my diaphragm when I stand up and my right side ribs are cutting into me. I feel like I?m short of breath after walking... I just generally feel sick when I walk. I have always had scoliosis so I decided to have it checked. My thoracic curve went from 21 degrees to 36 and my lumbar is at 29 (I wasn?t aware I had a lumbar curve). I have disk compression at t5 that is just below my rods. My pt said that the lumbar curve is very significant because the lumbar spine doesn?t curve that much. My curve curves to my weaker side so my balance suffers from not having a straight spine as well. My dr (gp) informed me my scoliosis will just continue to get worse esp with the weight of the rods on top of the curves. She said it can cause problems with breathing and your heart and she has patients that walk at almost a 90 degree angle. She said surgery is not an option for an adult. I?m 42. I feel like it is already effecting me. The 36 degree curve is compounded by another almost equal plus I?ve lost vertebral height on several broken vertebrae from the accident and disk compression which is leaving me with a bleak outlook. If in 20 years I am bent over like that I won?t be able to walk at all or even get around in a manual chair. Sorry for the long post but has anyone had surgery to correct scoliosis after sci? Would drs not take this seriously? Thanks

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    They will not do the surgery on adults and not someone with SCI. A orthotic device ike a TLSO or some support might helpf to prevent it from getting worse. You can look in to artificial discs but not sure with scoliosis that this would be helpful. Consult a neurosurgeon who is a spine specialist.
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      Thanks... I’ll look look into bracing