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  • urine samples

    how do u quads give urine samples at home with a clean cathe and sample cup or go to dr let them change cathe and get 1

    thank you

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    I do IC and do the sample at home because at home I can catch the early morning flow, which is denser. The lab has always been happy with that and I take home another sterile cup for the next time.


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      I IC into a closed-system bag and just take that to them.
      T3 complete since Sept 2015.


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        I do it usually in the morning after I shower. Use a new sterile cath, not a washed one. I do a midstream, allowing the usual gunk (I have an augment) to come out first and then catch it midstream. There are guidelines for whether you want to catch the beginning, middle, or end, but I just do it this way. I put it in the refrigerator and then get it to the lab soon as I'm done dressing.

        I always have three or four lab orders from my urologist at home so I can drop it off right away without having to call him for the order or to go to his office.

        I also have an emergency course of antibiotic at home, though I don't take it until I get that culture in first or if it is not possible (holidays, etc.), to start it. As we know there are lots of different antibiotics so I checked with his office before I start the first dose and then after the results come back to determine if there was the right one or possibly to stop it altogether if it wasn't warranted.

        For the last several years though I have nasty colony counts, possibly some blood and foul smelling urine, I often don't have a fever, which is a typical indicator. Therefore it's tricky to know when to treat and not to treat. One doesn't want a bladder infection to migrate up the ureters and become a kidney infection.