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Electronic device that connects to foley Cath for UTIs

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  • Electronic device that connects to foley Cath for UTIs

    So I?m a male 38 y/o T2 complete with a foley cath and have always struggled with UTIs. I had a good run for 3 years with MicrocynAH and aloe. Then one day my bladder gets irritated with day after day of the 30ml for 30min instillations. So now I?ve been doing the gentamicin flushes every morning, microcyn every third night but I?m gonna try to increase that back to every night. And drinking aloe once a week and using this Akeba Moist Heat once a week and when I get close to a UTI I take it for 5 days.

    Me and my urologyst are unsure about long term gent installs cause the studies are so short. But anyways he made mention of this electronic device that connects to the cath and emits a frequency so bugs don?t stick to it and suppose to cut down on UTIs but it?s new technology. He said one patient used it and was working. He couldn?t remember what it was called but hoping someone here might know what I?m talking about. I?m getting increasingly worried about these UTIs and when my last one will be.

    Any other UTI tips are appreciated

    thanks everyone.
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