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Where did all of the crap go?

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  • Where did all of the crap go?

    So i'm a c-6 quad post 20 years.

    For my bowel program, i've long used a Magic Bullet suppository every other day with few issues except for crapping bricks sometimes, especially when i was on pain killers.

    The last two months or so, something odd has happened. I for whatever reason haven't had much crap come out most of the times i do my bowel program. In the past when this would happen, usually then the next time i'd do it, i'd go quite a bit more.

    Lately though, nearly each time i do my bowel program, only a small amount comes out, yet i never have accidents or say feel sick. It's bizarre given my diet hasn't changed at all during this time. I'm eating the same foods and in the same amounts. I keep thinking one of these times by simple odds,i just have to take a huge shit given how much i eat, but it doesn't happen. And FWIW, I do the bowel program myself, so it's not a caregiver issue.

    Is this anything i should be concerned with?

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    Hydration. Less fluid compacts the stool making it appear that you have a smaller volume.
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      I'm pretty sure all the crap is up your butt somewhere. Just a guess, but that's usually where I find it.
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        Mine has been like this for the past 2-3 weeks now as well. I was wondering the same thing.
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          Stay hydrated and as active as you can. Make sure that you haven't changed any medications or your diet.
          Are you sitting up to do the program?

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