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Differece between Glycerin and Biscodyl suppositories

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    Differece between Glycerin and Biscodyl suppositories

    I usually get biscodyl supp. from my drugstore and a lot of times have butt snot afterwards. Well i was in Fla. and got some glycerin supp. cause that's all they had at CVS. I used a half and didn't have any after effects with the glycerin. Is there a big difference? If so i'll start using the glycerin.Thanks for any help.

    I'm c-6-7 18 years post. I just use half a supp. and sit on the toilet chair til i go.

    I would love to know the answer to this to as magic bullet is not agreeing with me anymore. Did you get the same results you wanted with Glycerin suppository?
    Its only at the brink of our own destruction that we learn to change.


      Bisacodyl suppositories work by the chemical in them (bisacodyl) stimulating peristalsis (colon muscle contractions).

      Glycerin suppositories work by irritating the mucosa of the colon, which reacts by trying to push the irritating substance out of the colon by peristalsis.

      So both increase peristalsis as a way of moving stool from the sigmoid and descending colon into the rectal vault.

      In my experience, while many have used glycerin, it is less effective than bisacodyl, whether it is generic bisacodyl suppositories (like Dulcolax) or Magic Bullet suppositories. If "butt snot" or "afterburn" is a problem with either, I recommend trying the other for a change.

      Enemeez's main active ingredient is DSS (Colace), which draws water into the intestine and lubricates the stool to better move it down the colon and into the rectal vault. It does not increase peristalsis as much as bisacodyl, but it also is much less likely to cause "butt snot" (mucous).

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        Thank you KLD. That helped a lot. Carecure is my go to place when i need sci help.

        Twinkltoes...yes the glycerin seemed to work better/quicker plus i had no after effects. KLD might be right about changing up. I've been using bisacodyl for 16 yrs. and i was always scared to leave the house on poo-poo day cause i was scared of afterburn while i was out. I'm gonna try the glycerin again tomorrow and i'll see how goes.