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new onset of anhidrosis (not sweating)

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  • new onset of anhidrosis (not sweating)

    I am T7 Complete A SCI, post 16 years. Recently, over the past two years I have noticed I am either sweating less or not at all when I work out either training on my handcycle, playing wheelchair basketball, or just in the heat. Other new symptoms recently, maybe within 6months to 1 year, I'm having more tingling and numbness in my hands. In my most recent MRI in 2016 I do have a bulging disc at C6-7 without cord compression and some mild cervical spondylosislaus. I just emailed my neurologist and asked for a new Cervical MRI to see if there are any changes in my neck.

    I just wanted to see if any of you have gone through this. Hoping it isn't major but I work in a hospital and always fear the worst like cervical stenosis and needing surgery.

    I love sports! Wheelchair Basketball, Sled Hockey, Mono-Skiing, and Handcycling.