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After 47 years, I finally have depression.

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    Keep at it Uncle Pete. It is remarkable how quickly we lose strength if we stop doing things that keep us fit for even week.!


      I have been on the Lexapro for 5 weeks. I feel a little happier. Food tastes better. Nightmare have subsided for now.


        Wishing you the best Uncle Peter.


          Originally posted by Uncle Peter View Post
          I have been on the Lexapro for 5 weeks. I feel a little happier. Food tastes better. Nightmare have subsided for now.
          That is good to hear! We have good reason to worry about one another.


            Good news!

            Spring is on the way!


              Originally posted by funklab View Post
              Interesting... bupropion is one of the few antidepressants that doesn't really affect serotonin. It works mostly on dopamine and norepinephrine (and has some activity at the nicotinic receptor). It's great that it helps you, I'm glad you found something that works for you (bupropion is a great antidepressant that avoids the weight gain, sedation and GI side effects of most of the serotonergic drugs), perhaps attributing this improvement purely to serotonin is a bit overly simplistic.
              I?ll need to bring this up to my psychiatrist. In March of 2016, I began having more trouble with my bowels than usual. I didn?t attribute it to SSRIs, but now I certainly do.

              In April of 2018, I blindly went along with detoxing from Xanax. I'm still pissed off about it. However, my anger and frustration over that issue lead me to be non-compliant with my Cymbalta. I used Prozac, as it?s longer-acting, to quit Cymbalta without going into Discontinuation Syndrome. All of a sudden, my bowels began emptying easier. I stopped taking antidepressants completely. Another thing to be pissed about.

              Lately, I?ve been feeling better, but it?ll be much to my psychiatrist?s dismay. Over the course of the year, I?ve been off and on so many medications, I had refills. So I?ve been taking Ativan, Valium, and Promethazine almost daily. She warned me not to take two Benzodiazepines at once, but I don?t give a fuck. If something is helping me, I?m going to take it.

              I see my psychiatrist next week. I?ll express how pissed off I am that a doctor can keep you on a medicine they deem is fine, but kept me from shitting; yet the motherfucking Xanax was somehow problematic after I?d been on it for twelve years. I had to threaten this doctor that I?d contact a disability advocacy group because I wasn?t able to be detoxed like other people as they can?t hold someone who is gravely disabled as I am. To make it worse, in July of 2018, I was in the ER for 24 hours because I requested to be sent somewhere for inpatient treatment. There were no beds in my entire state that can handle a person with a spinal cord injury. Thus, I went home.

              While I?ve been a learning experience for my doctor, as she was unaware that detox centers and psychiatric wards can?t have patients with SCIs because they aren?t equipped for it, it?s been a hell of a ride for me.

              Excuse me if I came off really pissed. (smirks) I had a shitty year.