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Wrist dislocating?

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  • Wrist dislocating?

    It’s the strangest thing: one night I was lying on my hand and it felt like my wrist bones were rolling over each other. It didn’t really hurt, although it acheg some after. This was maybe a couple weeks ago, or maybe only one. I’m not trying to do it again, but tonight it hurts a little too. I happened to be seeing my doctor and mentioned it, and he palpated my wrist a little and was done. Does this make sense to anyone? Would an x-ray even show anything if it is not happening at that moment?
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    A X-ray would show if there is a fracture of bones.
    Otherwise it may be a muscle sprain/strain
    is there pain at rest or with movement?
    try local topical ointment/cream/gel - like lidocaine 5%; aspercreme withe 4% lidocaine (this is over-the-counter)
    then see how it feels
    Is it easier to see what the problem is after you’ve tried a treatment to see if it relieves the pain if the pain is not relieved and then go to step two which is a X-ray

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      Your wrist contains eight small bones, called carpals. A network of ligaments holds them in place and allows them to move. A tear in any of these ligaments can result in two or more of your carpal bones being pushed out of their usual position. This results in a dislocated wrist.