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Bladder botox pros/cons/necessity?

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    Originally posted by faji_tama View Post
    I came across some references to a couple major studies while reading up on anticholinergics that had linked long term usage of them to increased risk of dementia, especially among older people, and I'm curious how big a concern this is among the SCI community?
    There is some concern about this, although the studies were not with people with SCI/D nor with people who started taking Ditropan when younger. Some people are recommending use of a similar drug called mirabegron which is not technically an anticholergic, but may help with bladder tone and spasticity; it is new, so the jury is still out on both effectiveness and long-term use side effects.

    Originally posted by faji_tama View Post
    Oh, isn't Ditropan a common antispasmotic used for bladder management though? Or does it technically fall under a different class?
    Ditropan is an anticholenergic, and as above, a specific anti-spasmotic for smooth muscle like the bladder and gut, which are innervated by the parasympathic nervous system. Other drugs in this class include Vesicare, Detrol, Enablex, and Santura.

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