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Completely stopping bowel program

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    Completely stopping bowel program

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone(probably more lower level injuries) just completely stopped doing a bowel program and just go by senses? I am a T12-L2 injury. I was doing a program every day that involved Dig stim, magic bullet. I had good success with it, but i had many many accidents especially close after i completed. It was very frustrating i couldnt find a method that worked well for me.

    Anyways, after about 5 years struggling with that i slowly stopped doing my bowel routine altogether. This started when i was starting to realize that i could kind of sense when i needed to go and can also "Push" abit. I have had great luck with it now for the past 4ish years. If i have something ready to come out, my gut lets me know. Or a full feeling in my lower abdomin/pelvic region lets me know. I now have almost zero accidents doing it this way, sometimes i have wasted toilet trips over thinking i need to go though.

    The only issue i have now is that occasionally i will go up to 6 days without a bowel movement, and sometimes i have larger than normal bowel movements. Is this something to be concerned with? I do normally have a bowel movement every 1-3 days. But sometimes when i go longer and have a larger one i wonder if that is a good thing.


    T12/L2 Complete - Nov. 12, 2007

    This is how I have been doing for the 4 years in a chair. I do wear a pad just to be safe. Seems the pad keeps any from coming out. My only thing is occasionally I need to go at work. I am able to get the stuff ready to come out and some beyond . It is enough to be sure I do not have an accident. Though I am confused, I can feel more in there but when I get home It is not there. I can't reach my sphincter if I do not have stuff waiting. I go every few days but never seem to empty my bowel. I read about people going 30 to 60 minutes or more. How do you know your done?


      If you go 6 days without I don't think your program is reliable. You could get an obstruction, rupture and peritonitis.
      DId you try enemeez? They will send you samples( It works better in some people.
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