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Stage three bedsore right under left hip bone on the buttocks

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    Stage three bedsore right under left hip bone on the buttocks

    So I have had a two bedsores on my backside, I was being led to believe both were healing. Well the one that was never really that bad it is good, but the one right below my left hip bone is fairly small in circumference but very deep, deep enough to be considered a stage III apparently as I was just told by a woundcare specialist today. When I hear stage III all I can think about is 6-8 months on a air mattress changing Side positions regularly, pretty much bedridden for the vast majority of the time.

    Now I have had plenty of bedsores, but the first two years I had a borderline stage IV right on my coccyx it literally took well over a year to heal, nine months of that were spent in a hospital and then a spinal rehab centre. Eventually they got me a cushion with foam in the front and gel in the back; and the power chair had tilt capabilities to off load but this new stage III is in a completely different position I don?t know if tilting will offload. The wound care specialist has requested that nurses come in every day to asses it and change The bandaging, I have made calls to the woundcare clinic in Lyndhurst ( spinal rehab centre in Toronto ) To have the psychiatrists that oversees the wound clinic at the centre look at it, I have called the seating clinic to assess my chair and cushion. But if this is going to be 6+ months primarily bed written on my side I can?t do it, I know I can?t? I?ve done it before for longer but now I know what I get out of this life even in the best of conditions.

    I have been filling my time with working up in studying mathematics , desperately searching for programs in which I can actually type equations but I found a good place to study it at the very least, studying Vocabulary improvements, speed reading, various cognitive stimulants, enrolled in courses I didn?t take in the past to upgrade my OST ( Ontario school transcript, although it is things like this and infections that make me realize how frivolous it would be for me to pursue college at this point, Especially given the programs that I would be interested in require completing equations Continuous and hastily, and then at the end of the day without hand function you can?t do the practical aspects) researching IQ and what the various professionals say about it, the list goes on. But if I am constantly on and air mattress on my side I can?t do any of it? And it needs to be intensive ( at least four hours a day, and not small intervals). There are enough hurdles that come with no hand function in learning and researching, but being on my side for most of the day and night decimates the Little leeway you must take advantage of.

    The question is point blank am i damned to this fate, in which case all of my previous efforts will be for not... or are there any treatments out there that can help me heal this bedsore, Within a reasonable amount of time.

    Bedsore Treatment

    James, so sorry to hear about the bed sores - one more thing you and my son have in common! I've actually followed you for a few years as you eloquently have expressed your feelings on the forum that my son has expressed to me, but he seems to be anti-forums. I would love to have you two connect privately as I think he is finally getting to the stage you got to in the last year or so in terms of mental approach to this injury. (I know you both hate the word "acceptance" regarding your injury.) You were both athletes at the time of your injuries, both MMA fighters, both too young to have your lives ripped away from you and both have high level injuries that stole your fingers and wrists, hence your independence.)

    My son had a similar experience in the hospital 1 month after his injury. The doctors kept telling us his sacrum bed sore was getting better and they were full of crap. When they managed to turn a stage 1 into a stage 4, they then recommended flap surgery to cover up their incompetence. We heard that was no guarantee and when one of the surgeons said, "he's young and strong, I'll do surgical debridement and he'll be healed up in 4-8 weeks" we went for that option. He was only off by 40 weeks! He lost being able to do a lot of rehab most of the first year post injury due to these doctors and their poor treatment. He also had a small deep one on his left hip like you describe having now. Here's how these were finally covered up (not healed, just have healthy skin over them now, but the tissue that was lost is gone and his sacrum is still very tender and vulnerable).

    Seems like every hospital had a different approach and each moved the needle a little. After we left the hospital that caused the bed sores, we went to one where they used the low-pressure vaccuum bandage (Negative pressure therapy) and that got things moving in the right direction. Then the next hospital used a different system of cleanings and creams which got it a little farther.e cover up Two more hospitals, two more systems and the last one finally got it to completely cover up. This is the place that finally got it covered up: - their Wound Care Specialist used a special treatment that "sand blasted" the sore with a saline solution. She really knew her stuff and I encourage you to contact them during the week, ask for the wound care specialists and ask her for the name of the system she uses. Then see from the company who has it near you - it worked well.

    Something else I want to share with you - Medihoney from Canadian Company called Derm Sciences. I have successful kept pressure sores from progressing with this stuff. I had a nurse from Poland tell me they use it in Poland to treat all stages of pressure sores much better and faster than the Hydrogel they insisted on using on my son until it got to stage 4. I use it on him every day and so far no new pressure sores - although he's got a bony ass and probably should have more given the amount of time he's in his chair every day.

    Please feel free to PM me if you want to connect with my son - you two have about 20 things in common, so I know you would connect.

    Good luck with the pressure sore treatment, if I can be of any additional help, just let me know.


      Well of course the first recourse is to stay completely off this area. I assume you are referring to the trochanter when you say the side of your hip?? This means no positioning in bed on that hip (ie, side laying). Depending on your seating, you may be able to sit in your wheelchair with a trochanter pressure injury, but that would need to be checked in a good seating evaluation as some people do have trochanter pressure when seated.

      Can you post photos or send them to the SCI-Nurse?

      Unfortunately, as the trochanter is very close to the surface, it is common for these pressure injuries to easily go into the bone or bursa, which is actually a stage IV. This should be evaluated with Xray and ideally an MRI. If that is the case, then bone biopsy should be done to determine appropriate antibiotic use for the osteomyelitis. 90% of cases where the bone is involved in the pressure injury, and exposed, there is existing osteomyelitis.

      Once that issue is resolved, you may be a candidate for a soft tissue flap surgery. While is is sometimes possible to heal a stage III or IV pressure ulcer with conservative treatment such as negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) like the VAC, combined with matrix wound implants, this will take a lot longer than the recovery time from a flap (3 months or so), and in the end, may not work at all.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.