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False passage symptom??

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  • False passage symptom??


    I'm trying to figure out why I've been having more infections these last few months. I use a foley Indwellimg and was going once a year before I'd get s infection with the help of vetericyn and aloe and water.

    I got hit in December with it and have been on antibiotics every 2 weeks cause somethimg else pops up. I normally have a hard time changing Caths and use numbing lube xylocaime to help. I try to change my foley mid way through a antibiotics. Two changes ago when I was doing it my sphincter muscle was super tight and legs where twitching and jumping and took a while to get in. Then I had another infection two weeks ago and that one went much smoother.

    But i noticed when I go for a shower when the soap and water gets around my cath and its at a angle where it could run down into my bladder I get bladder spasms and craps up which has never happened to me. Is it possible I did damage to the bladder and now when I go for showers the soap and water find their way In and cause these re occurring imfectioms? I've never had one before and havnt had a cystoscope done in years. I do have a ultrasound booked next week but doubt that would find anything.

    Just spit balling ideas and want to get back to normal.
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    I've had something similar. I dont have feeling, but will spasm. It was the size of balloon. Or it wasn't sitting right in the bladder. Sometimes bladder is locked up like a vice trying to get a cath in. I usually trybadjusting my position.


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      You won't get urine., There can be a lot of blood. The treatment for a false passage is to place an indwelling for a couple of weeks and let the false passage heal up. Good to determine why the false passage-Sometimes it is due to an enlarged prostate, stricture or something else. A coude' catheter- has a little curve on the end- is helpful, more lubricant and/or start Tamsulosin, or similar class) if medication- enlarged prostate basically is a donut around urethral and starts to choke it off. Tamsulosin also might help with other bladder outlet problems. Sometimes there is scar tissue and it just won't go in or has difficulty. If it worsens then the Urologist do a DVIU and cut the scar tissue to enlarge the opening.

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        Thanks CWO

        thats the thing I never seen blood on the cath or in my urine. I always had a hard time passing Caths past the sphincter but never had my legs jumping and shaking. I know in the shower sitting on my commode chair I get bladder spaseams, I don't know if that's from the water or maybe something going internally to cause the pain.
        Mark 9:23 - All things are possible for those who believe.