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How do you mitigate the effects of deteriorating bones and muscles?

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    How do you mitigate the effects of deteriorating bones and muscles?

    Park my wheelchair at the foot of the bed and slide down the bed to hop in the chair.

    Thursday night when sliding down the wheelchair heard two incredible pops one that threw me to the left a few inches followed by another pop that threw me about 4 inches to the right.

    My instinct, experience or what ever tells me my vertebrae at T6 popped and then my L1 vertebrae popped and I hurt T2 but it did not pop.

    Now have 3 distinct areas of pain, top lumbar or bottom thoracic, middle thoracic and some were at the T2 between my scapula's.

    Hope it would be better Friday morning and went to sleep and unfortunately when I woke up my blood pressure was normal low and I felt the 3 spots in my back. After rolling on my side and trying to drink a cup of coffee that little bit of movement made the 3 dots into one gigantic cannonball my back.

    Went to the emergency room and arrived my blood pressure at 198/134 and rising. So turned the blood pressure alarm down so it didn't sound until it went over 220.

    They gave me an IM dose of diladid which brought my blood pressure down to about 168/95 and after the second dose the blood pressure came down to about 118/80. The cannonball went away and the 3 dots came back.

    After the x-rays the doctor told me I had no fractures but there are no longer any muscles surrounding my spinal column given support. Also showed the scoliosis that shifted my heart minutes to the left closing my left lung is not getting any better.

    So right now Sunday morning I cannot move without pain don't understand how I can feel such incredibly acute pain in the T6 area.

    So if I have nothing supporting my spinal column, obviously have to start doing my transfers from side to side instead of sliding down the bed. This looks a major renovation to my house or even buying a new one which I can't afford to.

    Is the disappearance of from muscles for chronic quadriplegics a common thing and what have they found the do to give them so some support.

    My scoliosis is so bad that they would have to push me so much middle to the left and the top to the right, it is not worth the pain.

    I take pain pills and don't use the jar month, go probably every 6 weeks. But now facing having to take some more serious stuff or what, I don't know what to do.

    Slept flat on my back last night and woke up with the 3 dots. Can stay on my back for quite a long time without any skin issues but I can't do it forever and I can't live on it.

    When I rolled over to my side this morning the pain started screaming and when I was taking my blood pressure my chest was pounding so hard the blood pressure cuff we shaking and it wouldn't register.

    Did it again with my arm resting on my hip and it was 205/110.

    KLD, any insight would be greatly appreciated what have you done in the past with spinal cord injuries to mitigate the muscles no longer support the spinal column?

    Did they do a plain Xray, or did you have a CT or MRI of you back? You may have ruptured discs, which cannot be seen on plain Xray. I would recommend you see a good orthopedic surgeon who has experience and specializes in spinal problems. If you don't have a surgical problem, bracing may be indicated. I would want to know you don't have Charcot joints in your spine as well.

    Spinal muscle atrophy is a common problem in those with SCI higher thoracic or cervical levels. It certainly contributes to the development of scoliosis. I am not aware of any therapies you can use to correct this (such as FES).

    Wondering how you have managed a bottom of the bed transfer for so many years. It is not only stressful on your spine, but also can put significant forces on osteoporotic bones in your legs (going from bed to chair) if they get torqued at all. Can you change the position of your bed in the room to accommodate a transfer from the side of the bed? Have you considered installing a ceiling track lift that you could use yourself?

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      1. Listen to KLD

      2. Ask the spine doctor to comment on your facet joints. Facet joints are the knuckles of the spine and can "pop" with twisting or turning.


        The first time this happened started a thread "What do you do when you break your back?" and had the MRI & CT but this time they just did 6 x-rays from the top and side.

        These procedures ruled out a Charcot joints http:///forum/showthread.php?259680-...reak-your-back .

        All of my thoracic vertebrae's are bulging except two , my lumbar are fused and T1 and T2 are there being worn down and getting thinner.


          The pain doctor sent me to my GP who recommend I'd be institutionalized I told the nurse that was not an option and have not heard back.

          Very sensitive to sound and light, being in a nursing home would kill me and I will not get any better care. What was the point in finishing my degree, Getting another one in order to get a job, Buying a house that had a guest house in the back, will never be going into a facility.

          The bottom line is there is no facility for me that can provide better care than my own house with my own caretaker living in the backyard.

          Isn't that what the ADA is all about? It was planned out, they can not put me in a home right?