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Preventative UTI tips for in/out cathing

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    Preventative UTI tips for in/out cathing


    so im an intermittent Cather using Speedi-cath compacts. My hand never touches the actual cath before I insert it, yet lately I?ve been getting constant UTIs. Any tips on what I can do to protect myself from this? Is there any type of vitamins I can take or anything like that.


    There is little evidence that the catheter or technique for catheterization is a significant factor in the development of UTIs. Instead, what is significant is the time between caths (should not be longer than 6 hours) and the maximum amount allowed to be in your bladder (not over 450ml.). In addition, if you have a high pressure bladder (which can develop over time) this is a significant factor.

    When did you last have urodynamics testing to check your bladder pressures? Have you been evaluated for possible reflux and hydronephrosis? Are you on any anticholenergics currently? Have you had recent testing for urinary stones?

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.