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Insane AD after botox injections

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  • Insane AD after botox injections

    I got my usual Botox injections yesterday , and my bladder hasnt stopped spasming and today I have a fever and when I do get a bladder spasm my AD is off the chart. the most pounding headache I've had during AD.

    I just started taking the antibiotics he prescribed to me today as I was not able to get them yesterday

    as long as I sit still , laying down my bladder doesn't spasm nearly as much . But I do have a headache

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    Sounds like it's not your first botox rodeo.

    For me it always messed up my bladder for a good week or two, it would spasm all the time and not hold anything until it got over whatever initial irritation it was experiencing and chilled out again.

    Any chance you upped the number of injection sites or amount of botox used?


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      He didn't change anything. I'm on the maximum side . I'm just not sure if maybe I got an infection since I didn't take the anabiotic's in time


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        My last Botox 6 mouths ago and my shoulders been killing me ever since and for the first 6 mouths all I wanted to do was sleep all the time I was so tired. I have seen my uro several times since and he won't do them for awhile till we find out wants going on with my shoulder. I may not last 6 mouths more they hurt so bad can hardly turn steering wheel on my van to get around.
        The being tired has left mostly. Myself I think the Botox made my shoulder really hurt for some reason. I have full motion without very little pain they just ache like crazy. Ij I lay down for 3 to 5 hours I can hardly get outa bed they are soo stiff and hurt. Sometimes takes me a hour just to get them to move so I can get outa bed. They did't hurt like that before the Botox. I really don't no if I can stand 6 more mouths of my shoulders hurting like this. Other people I read about that had Botox for other things have had pain in certain parts for almost 3 years before it went away. Hell I can't wait that long.


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          Ask your urologist about a short course of B&O rectal suppositories. These can help a lot with AD caused by bladder surgical procedures.

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            Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
            Ask your urologist about a short course of B&O rectal suppositories. These can help a lot with AD caused by bladder surgical procedures.(KLD)

            My bladder spasms have subsided for the most part but I do have a 102 fever


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              Were you given a prophylactic dose of Cipro. When I was having Botox injections, I was given a Cipro tablet before the procedure and one to take home and take 12 hours after the procedure.

              102 temperature...bladder infection?
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                wow yanni, thats high dont let it get septic
                Originally posted by yiannit View Post
                My bladder spasms have subsided for the most part but I do have a 102 fever
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                  Fever went away Friday early morning.

                  The Dr had only prescribed caphlex after, but didn't start taking it until a day later


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                    My suggestion may not cure you, but it won?t hurt you. Get water for drinking and cooking that has no chlorine bleach. Short-term, this could even be distilled water. Don?t wear metal jewelry for a while,...earrings, bracelets, watches,...especially jewerly containing nickel. Stop using stainless steel flatware for a while, as it contains nickel. This may get rid of your sweats, fever, and deep pain in as little as two days.

                    Here’s a little more on Botox:

                    Iatrogenic botulism: Side effects resulting from the therapeutic intramuscular injection of Botox (purified, diluted A neurotoxin)(5). Characterized by clinical weakness and electrophysiological abnormalities(10,11).
                    ...Iatrogenic botulism: Should be suspected if patient has recently received Botox(10,11). An immuno-PCR assay capable of detecting neurotoxin type A in the femtogram range has been developed(20).”
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