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Quads dealing with sciatica nerve pain.

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  • Quads dealing with sciatica nerve pain.

    I've been dealing with terrible back pain that I originally thought was from bad vertebrates in my back until recently when it began to get progressively worse. Now it's excruciating. I can "feel" the pain pulsating down the left side of my body from my lower back to my thigh. I've looked up some stretching to do and I'll do which ones that I can but was curious if any other quads are dealing or have dealt with this and how?
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    I had an dislocated discuss L4-L5 10 years prior to my main neck injury. My injury was bad and I suppose to go for the surgery but somehow recover to be able to function almost normaly. I always felt pain down my leg while standing in one position little bit longer. Than came my neck injury in waves of Virginia Beach. I stay incomplete Quad C6 and now 15 year post my injury (55 years old) I have my sciatica pain very bad.. I have my morning massage and stretching procedure - psw helps me with it - and this helps a lot. When cold weather comes along with Holidays (less help from psw) my pain is getting even 3? worse. I went to see specialist and he refuse to operate with lame excuse - He said -you are already in wheelchair - offering me Lyrica..I didnt take it... some bad and some good days...also weather related pain. But overall stretching and massage and eventualy Voltaren cream helps me.

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      I had a muscle flap done when i was first injured so i don't have much meat on my left glute. I have flare ups of sciatica and the only thing that will touch it over the counter is Alleve. I switched from a Vicair cushion to a Roho Quatro and I haven't had sciatica since. Knock on Wood.
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