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    Originally posted by triumph View Post
    FYI - I'm Polio paralyzed, have sensation, and about 30 years ago felt a faint "pop" in my right hip while it was compressed by an orthotist making leg braces for me. I had no pain and didn't really get concerned about it. Over the years my right hip splays out a bit and I feel more comfortable using rigid side panels on my chair ("clothing protectors"). Doctors have said I have dislocated hip. However, it has never caused any discomfort and the side panel provides support for my hip.
    I guess I'd say I'm uncomfortable about the standing frame for someone with a known hip problem, but what do I know? Do you think it's worth getting a second opinion and/or additional information before using one?
    Hope you let us know how it goes - others may have this condition.
    As part of the treatment for my hip, I successfully used an EasyStand during my various physical therapy appointments.


      Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
      Here is one listed in our "for sale" forum:

      I bought one this weekend, but thanks anyway.


        Thank you!
        Originally posted by Crappler View Post
        JESUS! It's so expensive to be crippled. It's never ending.
        Good luck shopping.
        Thank you