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Should I be concerned about pimples?

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  • Should I be concerned about pimples?

    Hello all;

    Having had a nasty stage IV ulcer and flap surgery in April of last year, I am understandably paranoid about further skin issues. I have taken steps to avoid making a lot of transfers, and to protect my skin back there, I found it better to commit (my New Year's resolution) to get dressed every day and at least put on a pair of underwear (I have to cut the seams off of the leg opening - but have ordered ladies boxer-briefs to try out) and sweats. I find it better, as wearing only the underwear little cuts were appearing, and I think it's from my transfer board pinching my skin, despite having a pillow case over it.

    In any case, I am having issues with pimples or ingrown hairs and little red bumps appearing. I'm super paranoid, and one time even took to bed for 2 and a half days. Which is hard because I live by myself. I would have to get up and make myself dinner and fill up a cooler with ice packs and snacks for the next day so I would have something to eat for breakfast and lunch. I had to call in sick to work in order to do this, which I can't do all the time. I have no one to care for me, and can't afford to hire a care giver. I am financially maxed out from the medical bills last year (which still keep coming) and having a care giver in my home for nearly a year in 2016.

    How paranoid do I need to be about these pimples if I am good about doing pressure reliefs every hour (I have my phone set to go off every hour to remind me)? I'm so scared that they will turn into something horrible, but sending myself to bed for days just isn't feasible. I would lose my job, which means I would lose my home, etc. etc. etc. I get so anxious each evening when I check my skin, and my stomach sinks whenever I see these little red bumps, and then a couple of days later they turn into little sores. What's the best thing to do?

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    I had that kind of issue .. it was infection still. Any chance that could be it?
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      It's only one or two pimples. Not all the time, but every couple of weeks or so. I get them on the back of my thigh too. It's not like I have "acne", it's just that the pressure sore I had stemmed from something similar, which was from an allergic action to baby wipes. Any little mark/red spot, sore on my butt now has me running scared, and this was pounded into me during rehab after flap surgery as well. I tend to be a "worrier" and am wondering if I'm am being over reactive. :-)


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        Keep an eye on them and if they get bigger or more frequent than I would see a dermatologist. If they are a reaction to something, they can help you to figure it out. If not, they will send you to the appropriate specialty to get it further looked at.

        I would rather you worry than not. However, try not to let it become a huge issue.

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          If you have not been to a Seating Clinic for an evaluation, I highly recommend it. Sitting on a prescribed cushion may be able to take away some of your daily concerns.
          Of course, this is no substitute for the great precautions you are now taking.


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            My girl gets this. We wipe her down with plain alcohol. I keep on her to do more butt ups to let the air circulate. Have you tried different things to sit on? Sheep skin, towel, leather? Cotton under wear instead of synthetics? Whatever you're doing, try something different to see if it helps. Keep a log of what you eat/do to see if food,or stress cause them to appear.


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              I get one or two every month or so, less now than before, I don't know why. What we do is to use a glob of bacitracin on a band aid for a couple of days. That usually ends it.
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