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4 Utis in 2 months-Desperate need help

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  • 4 Utis in 2 months-Desperate need help

    I had 4 UTIs within last 2 months and urologist treated me with 7-10 days antibiotic. The symstoms usually came back within a week. The symstoms I have right now: void little, cloudy urine, and urge to void.

    all 4 Culture/sensitive test confirmed positive.
    1st uti symstom- fever 102, void little, cloudy urine, and urge to void. treated 2x 7 days cipro
    2nd uti- burning, void little, cloudy urine, and urge to void. treated 2x 10 days Levaquin
    3rd uti-void little, cloudy urine, and urge to void. treated 2x 10 days Macrobid
    4th uti-void little, cloudy urine, and urge to void. treated 1x 5 days Levaquin. 2x 5 days Augmentin. Required cath 2 times per days.

    What bother me is urge to void, because I walk with a walker, almost every time I stand, urge to void kick in so I have to sit down and the urge is stop otherwise I have to void.

    Begin my 4th UTI while taking Levaquin on 4th day, my legs felt very stiffness, looked like I walked on my toes and not on my feet. My left hand also felt weakness. Though I held on the walker with my left hand, I felt like my left hand was not there. Called my urologist and she switched to Augmentin. Just wonder Levaquin caused that stiffness. Ever since stopping the Levaquin, weakness is still there, barely walk because of stiffness. My wife helps me going to bathroom because I might trip and fall at any time. Went to ER regarding not able to walk. MRI my spine and everything looked good.
    Last two months has been rough on me, UTI and not able to walk. I going to try Vetericyn irrigation method today with 10ml for 10 minutes.
    Just wonder how syringe end fits the funnel catheter.
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    Ciprocyllin works for me everytime!


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      I've used Lur loc, catheter tip, and slip tip. Contrary to most recommendations, I prefer the Lur loc style because it makes a "hard docking" with the funnel end of the catheter.

      I'd suggest at least 20cc of Vetericyn or MicrocynAH or HydroCleanse to start. 10cc is not very much to cover all bladder wall surfaces and folds and wrinkles in an empty bladder.

      Are you getting a culture & sensitivity before you start taking any antibiotic to get the most effective antibiotic for the bacteria causing the infection? Cipro is a very broad spectrum antibiotic and should be saved for the most stubborn infections. A twelve to fourteen day course of antibiotics maybe more effective than 10 days. A couple days after you have completed a course of antibiotics, you should get another urinalysis and culture & sensitivity to see if there are any lingering bacteria that could contribute to the recurrence of infection. You may need to go on back to back courses of antibiotics to get back to sterile urine.

      Also suggest you see an infectious disease doctor regarding your recurrent urinary tract infections. It is my experience that they are more adept at prescribing antibiotics than urologists.

      All the best,
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        all four UTIs was E Coli, and it just came back no matter what after AB treatment. Today is my fifth UTI I believed. Within 2 hours I voided 10 times with cloudy urine no matter how much I drink.
        Doctor always gave AB before culture came back. But they did call and confirm that pathogen is sensitive to E coli. I going to call urology office tomorrow.



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          I've been successfully using colloidal silver for 10+ years. For E. coli, D mannose is usually the go to treatment.


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            D-Mannose does not help even on high dose.


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              Recurrence of E Coli is most likely due to hygiene or bowel program. How is your bowel program? Do you tend to be constipated?

              The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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                My bowel program is once every 2 days. I go on my own, no need magic bullet. How constipation affects E coli build up??


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                  Methenamine Hippurate ( Hiprex) has been a Godsend for my son. He takes it twice a day. Very seldom gets a uti - knock on wood!