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    I used to use a bipap but now that i have a trach and my respiratory function is going down i was told that i need another ventilator. right now at home we have the trilogy. if you're a vent user,do you have 2 of the same vents, or do you have one for home, and one for travel? I hear the LTV is easier to travel with but i know they make vent trays for the trilogy too. i have an Invacare TDX SP chair.

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    is it too difficult for caregivers to figure out using 2 diffeent vents


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      I'm vented and have 2 vents, we always take both with us when I leave the house. My vents are identical other than the alarm settings, whilst in bed I use a humidified wet circuit and in my chair a "dry" circuit ie just an air pipe no humidification. The vents are always kept charged and in my bedroom, we have found that it is easier to have the 2nd vent to hand if a support worker can't fix an alarming vent. They just start the spare and connect me to that. Alarms are set differently because of lower flows when using a wet circuit but that is not a major consideration if you have to swap, it is better to breath and have the rare false alarm than suffocate.

      My support workers could cope with 2 different vents if I was capable of talking to guide them through it but TBH the only buttons they need to know are the on/off and alarm silence, vent should be locked to prevent any other changes. I spent a lot of time with the chest consultant trying to understand vents and now can use the different settings but never do. I'd prefer to have newer vents which have 2 profiles so I could alter BPM over night and sleeping but if I had that I would still check every time it was changed, they forget to swap my air mattress from prone to sitting so I would not be comfortable without checking


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        Sorry I missed the chair comment. I did have a custom made bracket for 1 chair/vent but now just use the black carry bag that comes with my Nippy vent. We strap all 4 corners to the chair and haven't had a problem .I use the same system on my off road wheelchair and it bounces a lot on bumpy, rocky terrain and haven't had a problem. Luckily as it is one of the few times we don't have a backup vent.


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          i feel like they are always adjusting my vent settings... but i am still hospitalized and have RT's coming in every day. i also have a progressive condition so i'm sure that as time goes on the vent will have to do more and more of the work of breathing

          how often do your settings get changed...


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            We reduced pressure when I regained some lung movement, increased them when I lost it. So twice in 3 1/2 years since leaving hospital, we did alter a lot when I was first injured trying to find comfortable settings. It is not an exact science, when I asked why it was set to 13 BPM they told me it was just an average, no reason other tha nthat.


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              I have had patients who have had a portable version of the triology and a battery pack that went with it? I can't exactly remember but the triology vendor should be able to help you figure out their product.

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